February 26, 2007 09:00 ET

VFA Launches Facilities Benchmarking Service to Enable Comparative Measurement of Capital Asset Performance

Service Delivers Comparisons Against Peers, Provides Insights for Capital Investments, Helps Justify Funding Requests and Tracks Progress Toward Goals

BOSTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 26, 2007 -- VFA, Inc., the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for facilities capital planning and asset management, today announced the introduction of a new facilities benchmarking service. The service helps organizations clearly understand how their facilities compare to others in their peer group, the meaning of the comparative differences for their portfolio, and the appropriate strategies for targeting improvements.

VFA bases its benchmarking findings on a subset of data managed by VFA.facility®, its award-winning capital planning and asset management software. Its benchmarking database currently includes over 41,000 buildings with a total of more than one billion square feet. This data, combined with VFA's depth of expertise in capital management, enables VFA to provide customers with a unique perspective on how the performance of their facilities and major building systems compares to those of their peers as well as to best-in-class facilities overall.

Jerry Kokos, President and CEO of VFA, commented: "VFA has over a decade of experience delivering facilities capital planning solutions to a wide range of markets. Based on that expertise and the vast wealth of facilities data managed by our software, we can provide unique insights into how the various types of facilities in a customer's property portfolio are performing relative to those of comparable organizations, and help them define improvement strategies."

As part of the benchmarking service, VFA helps an organization define a relevant peer group based on market, region, facility type and other criteria, as well as the most critical performance measures for comparison, such as indices of facility condition, replacement value and requirement costs. Using aggregate data from its peer group, VFA benchmarks the organization's portfolio based on a set of comparative metrics and provides an in-depth analysis of specific areas most important to the customer. In addition to delivering a detailed report of benchmark findings, including analysis, interpretation and recommendations, VFA also conducts in-depth workshops with customers to discuss the relevance of the findings and the implications for their long-term capital strategy.

"Our customers have a detailed understanding of how their own facilities and systems perform relative to each other. However, until now it has often been difficult for them to determine how the condition and costs of their property portfolio compares to that of their peers," said Glenn Parsons, Vice President of Consulting Services at VFA. "Our benchmarking services enable customers to put their own facilities data in the context of the larger market, and use this information to target areas for capital investments and justify requests for funding."

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