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V.i. Laboratories, Inc.

March 23, 2016 09:00 ET

V.i. Labs' Software Usage Analytics Continue to Fuel Customer Revenue

Company Profitable Since 2012, Experienced More than 200 Percent Growth

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwired - March 23, 2016) - V.i. Laboratories, Inc. (V.i. Labs), a leading global software intelligence solutions provider, today announced strong revenue growth. V.i. Labs has been profitable since 2012 and has experienced more than 200 percent growth in that same time period as its solutions and services fuel new revenue streams for customers. Data from its CodeArmor® platform has helped generate more than $1.4 billion in new license revenue for its customers' compliance programs since 2010.

Software providers are under constant pressure to innovate, drive new license revenue, and grow and retain customers. The Business Software Alliance estimates that 43 percent of global software use is unlicensed (with a commercial value of $63 billion). Pragmatic Marketing has found that more than 28 percent of delivered features are not being used by customers. The intelligence to power data-driven decisions is needed. Software analytics give software providers needed visibility into product usage to increase license compliance revenue, build better products, and drive end-user adoption.

"Software intelligence has been a game changer for our customers, and they have the new license revenue to prove it," said Joseph Noonan, President and CEO of V.i. Labs. "We expanded our offering with our recent acquisition of Trackerbird Software Analytics™ enabling our customers to use product usage data to help build optimized product roadmaps and drive user adoption. We continue to invest in our services capabilities that accelerate the identification of non-compliant organizations and conversion to paying customers. These investments underscore our continued growth as we expand into new markets and platforms."

Trackerbird Software Analytics addresses the needs of both software vendors and enterprise application development organizations. It provides product management and marketing professionals with the intelligence to make data-driven decisions that foster user engagement and accelerate adoption. Now they have visibility into end user behavior after the product is downloaded, gathering intelligence on what platforms and architectures the software is running on, which features are used or ignored within a product, as well as how usage and churn trends vary by user segment. The acquisition also accelerates V.i. Labs' vision supporting software usage analytics capabilities in multi-platform environments including desktop, mobile, and SaaS applications.

V.i. Labs' introduction of CodeArmor® Intelligence 5.0 expands its enterprise class solution leveraging best in class technology partners, Tableau Software, Google and Amazon Web Services. CodeArmor ships in more than 1,000 applications worldwide including top EDA, PLM, and engineering software applications.

V.i. Labs' customer success team offers guidance and expertise, ranging from pre-deployment implementation strategy to ongoing analysis and action to convert unpaid use to paying customers. Its proprietary applications and data analysts have built V.i. Labs Data Service to more than one million infringing organizations to enable customers to accelerate their conversion of unpaid use. At the same time, V.i. Labs' license revenue recovery experts have expanded their global success to more regions (including emerging markets), while simultaneously accelerating their time to conversion by 25 percent.

V.i. Labs Data Service also reveals interesting insights about the use of unlicensed software that can help drive strategy -- especially when software providers see that unlicensed software is used in 100 percent of top 50 engineering schools, 95 percent of top 100 colleges/universities, 78 percent of top 100 software companies, and 51 percent of Fortune 100 companies. CodeArmor data has also revealed increased use of unlicensed software in Brazil, likely due to the demand for design, architectural, and building information modeling software to support the massive efforts around the Rio Olympics.

V.i. Labs' customers are well positioned to address these challenges armed with the intelligence they are generating and V.i. Labs' expanded portfolio of proven solutions and services.

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V.i. Labs offers software providers cloud-based solutions to generate actionable intelligence on the use and misuse of their applications. Its software intelligence platform is used by leading vendors to increase license compliance revenue and globally reduce software piracy. Its software usage analytics provide valuable insight into product runtime and usage patterns giving product and marketing professionals the intelligence to make data-driven decisions that drive user engagement and accelerate adoption. V.i. Labs' software intelligence has supported customer compliance programs generating more than $1.4 billion in new license revenue since 2010. For more information, please visit, follow us on Twitter (@vilabs), or read our blog, Code Confidential.

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