April 30, 2007 14:39 ET

ViaLogy SPM™ Demonstrates Interoperability Backbone for Tactical Command and Control (C2) Systems for US Dept. of Defense Force Protection and Base Security

PASADENA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 30, 2007 --ViaLogy LLC ("ViaLogy") announced that its SPM™ (Sensor Policy Manager) was selected as a Command and Control (C2) platform for providing Internet Protocol (IP)-enabled systems interoperability backbone for Joint Experiments in support of next generation Joint Force Protection Advanced Security System (JFPASS) Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration (JCTD). Interoperability is the ability for two or more systems to connect, communicate and be able to effectively use exchanged information for situational awareness and operations. Today there is a significant lack of interoperability between systems in the military and the public sector. Standards-based SPM™ is well positioned to enable interoperability between networked sensor, tactical and operational subsystems.

At the first JFPASS Joint Experiment Integration Assessment held at the US Space and Naval Warfare Center (SPAWAR) in San Diego, CA, SPM™ successfully enabled integration and interoperability between two disparate tactical backbones: Northrop Grumman's (NYSE: NOC) Tactical Asset Security System (TASS) and Joint Battlespace Command and Control Station (JBC2S) for unmanned systems.

ViaLogy also integrated a Lightweight Chemical Detector (LCD) from Smiths Detection, onsite at SPAWAR, validating the IP-based, plug-and-play capabilities of SPM™. Principally worn on a soldier's gear, in addition, the LCD is capable of checking cargo, equipment, personnel or facilities for chemical warfare agents.

ViaLogy SPM™ delivers a sensor-centric policy engine in a product-format for incident-based rapid detection, analysis, mitigation and response for large-scale applications. SPM™ exploits the internet protocol and proprietary patented signal processing to deliver sensor, video and network-subsystems interoperability for defense, homeland security, physical and border security, critical infrastructure, manufacturing, transportation and enterprise security and operations.

US DoD's JFPASS JCTD is a joint services (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines) effort for integrating tactical systems, sensors and security personnel to protect forces and over 600 facilities in the US and overseas. NATO and other coalition partners have similar needs for base and force protection globally. Recent studies have shown that current systems lack a comprehensive, integrated and interoperable Joint Force Protection capability.

Due to significant budgetary pressures, affordability is key. This will drive procurement of new standards-based commercial off the shelf (COTS) products and interoperability solutions. Emerging sensors such as smart electronic fence, intrusion detection radars and video surveillance offer promising solutions for threat detection and rapid response and base protection. However, the challenge of integrating these sensor and threat detection systems over a secure network into a highly reliable "system-of-systems" with both lethal and non-lethal response capabilities has also increased significantly.

According to ViaLogy CTO, Dr. Sandeep Gulati: "JFPASS's real-time requirements present an ideal problem set for SPM. The product is designed for scaleable implementations involving 100s to 1000s of sensors and video endpoints." Previously, as NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Principal Scientist for sensor fusion, Dr. Gulati was extensively involved with sensor intensive command and control systems. He added: "Real-time sensor processing now needs to happen at the sensor edge, and by leveraging converged IP-network platforms. This moves the intelligence to the edge for policy-based processing, where it is needed for rapid detection, analysis, mitigation and response."

ViaLogy CEO, Mr. Shah Talukder, stated: "Higher leveraging of COTS will shift procurement from project-centric to product-centric acquisition of technology thus driving down project costs and timelines. This is not dissimilar from private sector procurement practices."

Prior to joining ViaLogy, Mr. Talukder developed the vision, strategy, and road map for Cisco's Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) family of products and applications. Mr. Talukder added: "We are now seeing increasing adoption of policy-based response coordination and governance in problem sets involving complex interactions between sensors, operating procedures and operators. By delivering comprehensive sensor, video and tactical interoperability in a network-centric platform, we believe SPM product will be able to meet JFPASS JCTD requirements."

About ViaLogy: Network Centric Signal Processing

ViaLogy is a leading innovator of network-centric, real-time signal processing platforms for sensor applications. ViaLogy is currently deploying and designing computational systems, powered by its patented technologies, for applications in life sciences, public safety and security, surveillance, defense and geoseismology. Vialogy focuses on market driven problems where automation, timeliness, quality and reliability of information processing are essential. ViaLogy's core competency incorporates rapidly and accurately detecting weak signals buried in high noise background and clutter. This technology can be employed to solve problems involving sensor integration and information overload challenges involving video, telephony and control sensors, as well as for enhancement of numerous signal processing applications. For more information, visit our website at

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