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February 13, 2014 12:57 ET

Viator Technologies Inc Announces Market Launch of Its Photoacoustic Circulating Tumor Cell Detection and Capture System

Chief Scientific Officer John Viator Presents Data Demonstrating Utility of the System for Detection of Circulating Melanoma Cells, at the 21st International Molecular Medicine Tri-conference, in San Francisco, CA

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwired - February 13, 2014) -  Viator Technologies Inc (VTI) announced today the market launch of its flagship product, the VTI Circulating Tumor Cell System 3.0 (VTI CTCS 3.0). The VTI CTCS 3.0 is being marketed as a research tool for rapid and automated detection, quantitation, and capture of circulating tumor cells. 

The company also announced presentation by John Viator, Ph.D., VTI's President, Chief Scientific Officer, and inventor of the company's patented photoacoustic technologies; of data demonstrating that the VTI CTCS 3.0 sensitively and rapidly detects and captures circulating melanoma cells in blood samples from patients with metastatic disease.

About Photoacoustic Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells

Photoacoustic detection of circulating tumor cells involves passing a patient's blood through a laser light beam, which causes the cells to produce a sound signal. Cancer cells are distinguished from normal blood cells by unique sound signals they produce. The technology is applicable to detection of a broad range of cancers, including melanoma, breast, prostate, colon, lung, and ovarian.

About the VTI CTCS 3.0

The VTI CTCS 3.0 is the first product marketed by Viator Technologies. Data presented today demonstrated that the system is capable of detecting and capturing as little as a single melanoma cell from a sample of 10 mL of blood. Processing of the sample is rapidly accomplished, requiring only 20-30 minutes. Captured cells can be further analyzed by genetic and other techniques to meet a cancer investigator's research objectives. The system is not approved by the FDA or other regulatory agencies for use as a diagnostic medical device. 

Dr. Viator said, "The VTI CTCS 3.0 empowers cancer researchers to explore the heterogeneity of circulating tumor cell populations, potentially leading to insights that could guide selection of personalized treatments for patients."

About Viator Technologies Inc

Viator Technologies Inc is a privately held company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Founded in 2011, the company is focused on the development of novel systems using photoacoutic technology for detection of cancer cells and infectious disease agents in patients' blood. Viator Technologies licensed exclusive world-wide rights for development and commercialization of the technologies from the University of Missouri, Columbia.

Martin E. Sanders, M.D., Executive Chairman of Viator Technologies said, "The market launch of the VTI CTCS 3.0 as a research tool is a major milestone for Viator Technologies. The company plans to further develop its proprietary photoacoustic technologies for regulatory licensure as diagnostic medical devices, for melanoma and other cancers; as well as for infectious disease indications."

Forward Looking Statements

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