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August 20, 2014 08:00 ET

Victory Energy Corporation Issues Updated Reserve Report

PV-10 Increases 62.6% to $3.9 Million

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - August 20, 2014) - Victory Energy Corporation, (OTCQX: VYEY) ("Victory" or "the Company") a rapidly growing, Permian Basin focused oil and gas company, today issued an updated reserve report showing a 62.6% increase in the PV-10 value of its reserves based on a report issued by Cambrian Management Ltd., an independent petroleum reserves engineering firm. The majority of the increase is attributed to the Fairway Project acquired in June 2014.

The Cambrian Management Ltd. report showed total reserves of approximately 205.6 MBOE and a PV-10 of approximately $3.9 million. These totals include probable reserve based values of $1.4 million PV-0 and $.8 million PV-10, all of which is associated with the Fairway Project. Without the benefit of the probable reserves at June 30, 2014, PV-10 increase would have been 28.3 % higher than December 31, 2013.

Reserves  Oil Mbbl  Gas MMcf  Total MBOE  Revenue  PV-0  PV-10
PDP  27.2  677.3  10.1  $6,470,870  $3,440,510  $2,145,470
PDNP  11.5  21.2  15.0  $1,242,690  $772,810  $565,030
PUD  12.8  11.5  14.7  $1,287,100  $714,300  $396,590
Probable  28.4  44.2  35.8  $3,016,510  $1,385,710  $830,170
Total Reserves  79.9  754.2  205.6  $12,017,170  $6,313,330  $3,937,260

The Fairway Project located in Glasscock and Howard County, Texas accounted for the majority of the increases in PDNP, PUD and Probable reserves. As of August 1, 2014, four new wells have been drilled on the Fairway property by Target Energy; four additional wells will be drilled in 2014.

Under Securities and Exchange Commission guidelines, the commodity prices used in the June 30, 2014 and December 31, 2013 PV-10 estimates were based on the 12-month unweighted arithmetic average of the first day of the month prices for the period July 1, 2013 through June 1, 2014, and for the period January 1, 2013 through December 1, 2013, respectively, adjusted by lease for transportation fees and regional price differentials and were also used in the mid-year 2014 report. For crude oil volumes, the average West Texas Intermediate posted price of $100.27 per barrel used to calculate PV-10 at June 30, 2014 was up 3% from the average price of $96.94 per barrel used to calculate PV-10 at December 31, 2013. For natural gas volumes, the average Henry Hub spot price of $4.10 per million British thermal units ("MMBTU") used to calculate PV-10 at June 30, 2014 was up 14% from the average price of $3.60 per MMBTU used to calculate PV-10 at December 31, 2013. All prices were held constant throughout the estimated economic life of the properties.

"Our updated reserve report is another indication that our strategy is unfolding as we envisioned," explained Kenny Hill, CEO of Victory Energy Corporation. "We focus on acquiring and developing low-risk vertical wells in the Permian Basin. This disciplined, capital efficient and repeatable process, coupled with our unique funding structure, affords us the opportunity to create significant shareholder value for an extended period of time." 

Separately, an updated corporate presentation with the updated reserve information is now available on the Company's website at

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Victory Energy Corporation (OTCQX: VYEY), is a public held, growth-oriented oil and gas exploration and production company based in Austin, Texas, with additional resources located in Midland, Texas. The company is focused on the acquisition and development of stacked multi-pay resource play opportunities in the Permian Basin that offer predictable outcomes and long-lived reserve characteristics. The company presently utilizes low-risk vertical well development, which offers repeatable and profitable outcomes. Current Company assets include interest in proven formations such as the Spraberry, Wolfcamp, Wolfberry, Mississippian, Cline and Fusselman formations. For additional information on the company, please visit

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