December 08, 2010 08:00 ET

Victrix Encourages Young People to Get Moving

Today, young people are 40% less active than thirty years ago

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Dec. 8, 2010) - Victrix, an integrated information technology services company, announced today the cause it plans to support in the community. It wants to tackle the problem of physical inactivity among young people by supporting the promotion of physical and outdoor activities. As a responsible company, Victrix has decided to support two foundations that share its values: the Montreal office will support the Fondation Père Sablon, lending its financial support to the Centre Père Sablon in Montreal and the P'tit Bonheur camp and outdoor adventure centre in the Laurentians, and the Quebec City office will support the Fondation GO. These two foundations are deeply concerned about the health of the younger generation and advocate the benefits of a more active lifestyle.

Victrix has chosen to promote physical activity in order to combat the inactivity that is unfortunately becoming more and more prevalent among young people. Indeed, today, young people are 40% less active than thirty years ago. This will have consequences on the health of tomorrow's adults. "Today, technology plays a major role in the lives of young people, both at school and during their leisure time. It is important to Victrix to encourage them to opt for a balance between sedentary activities and sports and outdoor activities," says Pierre-Yves Martel, President and COO, Victrix.

Since 1951, the Centre Père Sablon and the P'tit Bonheur camp have been providing opportunities for 20,000 young people each year to develop and grow up healthy, with more than 42 sports programs and outdoor activities. Young people learn to change their lifestyle and develop new habits so they can move toward the balance they need for a healthy, normal life. "The Fondation Père Sablon is proud to be a part of Victrix's social involvement with young people," says Huguette Déom, Campaign and Development Director at the Fondation Père Sablon.

"The Fondation GO is extremely grateful for the opportunity to be involved in Victrix's project," says Fondation GO Director Anne Vigneault. "It is notable that all the staff, with support from the management, decided to promote healthy lifestyles among young people. Their motivation and their efforts are in line with the values of the Fondation GO and will serve as a model for the whole community and for all other companies that wish to follow their lead."

Throughout the year, Victrix will raise funds through activities organized jointly with the social clubs at its Montreal and Quebec offices. Many of these will be sports activities, and will thus also promote physical activity within the company. In addition, Victrix will actively participate in activities organized by the Fondation Père Sablon and the Fondation GO.

About the Fondation Père Sablon

Since 1999, the Fondation Père Sablon has provided L'Oeuvre du Père Marcel de la Sablonnière with financial support to help it fulfill its mission — that is, to give young people from all backgrounds, and especially the most disadvantaged, the opportunity to develop and become winners in life through sports and healthy outdoor activities. To learn more, visit

About the Fondation GO

Founded in 2008, the Fondation GO has taken on a two-fold mission: to promote projects aimed at the adoption of healthy lifestyles among Quebec young people, and to support research on neglected hereditary diseases. The Fondation GO's mission is firmly rooted in action. Its objective is to get young people moving and encourage them to eat better, so they will become active, healthier citizens. To learn more, visit

About Victrix

Founded in Montreal in September 2003 and with over 140 employees, Victrix is a high-level information technology consulting company. With expertise in a range of complementary fields, Victrix focuses its practice on four areas: infrastructure, telecommunications, security, and collaborative solutions. From its offices in Montreal and Quebec City, Victrix serves more than 400 active clients in Quebec, including large organizations in both the private and public sectors. To learn more about Victrix, visit

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