May 07, 2014 09:00 ET

Video Affiliate Marketing Company Modulates Offers Hollywood a Revolutionary Way of Promoting Movies

SANTA MONICA, CA--(Marketwired - May 7, 2014) - Video Affiliate marketing industry leader has created an innovative new way for affiliate marketers to unleash the power of video testimonials to promote products and services. By using video testimonials to offer movie reviews, Modulates has the potential to exponentially increase the reach of movie marketing.

Modulates allows individual publishers to create video testimonials about products and services, upload the videos to the  website and then promote the videos across social networks. Affiliate marketers can conduct video campaigns complete with custom messages, click-to-buy, branding, and more.

The film industry traditionally promotes movies with trailers and leaves the reviews to professionals. But according to research cited by Modulates, Hollywood is ignoring the popularity of peer reviews in engaging customers. Research has revealed that online videos are much more effective at getting consumer attention than traditional advertisements using links and banners. More than 80 percent of people will watch an online video, while only 20 percent are willing to read text. The number of videos watched online -- more than 80 billion a month -- prove how prevalent video messages are.

"Hollywood inherently understands the power of video, but they have yet to embrace the new research on video testimonials," said founder Nouriel Gino Yazdinian. "With Modulates, our publishers can add hyperlinks to their own website or other advertisements. Imagine if Hollywood enabled embedded links to buy movie tickets into affiliate testimonial videos. If it works for selling sneakers, why not promoting films?"

People frequently use online reviews to make purchases. Research concludes that people are more likely to trust reviews and recommendations made by their peer group, especially when shared through social media. Although most businesses have incorporated video affiliate marketing into their strategy, Hollywood has yet to embrace the new technology.

When mixed with other content by an online affiliate marketer, video increases credibility and sales. Statistics show that combining video with full-page advertisements boosted engagement by 47% and moreover, that enjoyment of video ads increased purchase intent by 82%.

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