SOURCE: Reputation Changer, Inc.

May 15, 2013 06:00 ET

Video Attacks Rapidly Rising, Warns

As More and More Companies and Individuals Are Hit by Video Attacks, Provides Rich, Content-Driven Reputation Defense Services

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 15, 2013) - Online attacks are nothing new, but, according to the reputation defense professionals at Reputation Changer, the ways in which online attacks are happening are growing more numerous and more complex. As a case in point, has announced that video attacks are on the rise. More and more individuals and companies are coming to the leading reputation management firm, seeking to suppress unwanted and unflattering videos that have made their way onto the first page of Google search results.

"We have observed a dramatic spike in the number of clients who approach us, wishing to seize control of their online video listings and to remove unwanted videos from the first page of search engine results," explains president Michael Zammuto. "A big part of this has to do with the search engines themselves. More than ever, Google algorithms are favoring content-rich results, including videos."

The major search engines frequently update their ranking algorithms and most of the changes made to Google's inner workings stem from the search giant's own quest to provide users with more relevant, engaging and informative results. As such, search engine results pages display an increasingly diverse array of content, including not just webpages but also videos posted to sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion.

"The search engines are preferring more diverse page one search results. Videos are making their way onto the first page much more often and much quicker than many other forms of online content, and as such they are more prominent than ever before," Zammuto says. "This is a great development for the search engine user, but it could be a bad thing for anyone who has unflattering and unwanted videos out there, causing embarrassment and online reputation disrepair."

As videos have grown more prominent within search engine listings, video attacks have become more common. "Companies are using videos to savage other companies, and disgruntled consumers are posting spiteful 'video reviews' of products and brands that they have grown disenchanted with," Zammuto offers. "Needless to say, then, more and more of our own clients are expressing concerns over the potential of video attacks."

The rise of online video has presented many new challenges, then, but Zammuto says that it has also provided with new opportunities. "We have found great results in fighting fire with fire, creating rich and engaging online videos that allow our clients to tell their side of a story, and to seize control over their own online image," Zammuto remarks. "Our video strategies have helped clients to overcome unwanted videos, and to replace them on the first page of online search results."

The mission of is to help clients take control of their online search listings, something that increasingly involves video. This is done largely through the creation of positive, brand-enhancing content, created on the client's behalf and distributed throughout the Web. Zammuto says that the cultivation of strong, compelling content is what makes the company's efforts so successful. "We launched Rep Changer Studios this year and are therefore able to suppress unwanted videos because we are able to design our own videos along with written content that are even more engaging, even more dynamic -- and thus, even more search engine-friendly," he comments.

As search engine users continue to favor rich and varied media, Zammuto says online video attacks are unlikely to stop. "YouTube and other such video sites are getting better and better, which means users are flocking to them," he says. "Video is here to stay, along with all of its challenges -- but also all of its opportunities for reputation defense and brand enhancement."


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