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September 15, 2008 08:00 ET

VideoIQ Unveils the VideoIQ iCVR Storage Encoder at ASIS International 2008

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - September 15, 2008) - ASIS -- VideoIQ®, Inc. today announced its new iCVR™ Storage Encoder, the latest offering in VideoIQ's iCVR product line that revolutionizes surveillance systems by combining intelligent networking, analytic detection, content-aware storage and object search into high-performance IP cameras and encoders. With the new VideoIQ iCVR Storage Encoder, customers can now integrate their existing analog cameras into an intelligent and powerful IP-based video surveillance system.

"With the introduction of our new encoder, the VideoIQ iCVR family delivers a complete, intelligent surveillance system that works with any analog camera. It's a smart single-channel DVR that detects and warns of threats, stores video based on what it sees, communicates on the network only when needed, and enables content-based video search," said Scott Schnell, president and CEO of VideoIQ. "The iCVR Storage Encoder brings the power of the latest breakthroughs in intelligent, networked video to customers' legacy video systems, while leveraging their investment in their existing infrastructure."

The VideoIQ iCVR Storage Encoder solves the bandwidth and storage challenges of traditional IP video systems, while turning video into a powerful security solution for both incident detection and investigation. The iCVR Storage Encoder sets a new benchmark for scalability, fault tolerance, ease of use and total cost of ownership in network video surveillance.

The VideoIQ iCVR Storage Encoder is delivering unmatched capabilities to customers:

--  The ability to add award-winning iCVR technology to any analog camera,
    including PTZ cameras -- VideoIQ iCVR Storage Encoders bring the full power
    of VideoIQ's analytics and the iCVR system benefits to any analog camera.
    VideoIQ iCVR Storage Encoders use H.264 compression at up to D1/30fps to
    capture and encode video from any analog camera. PTZ commands can also be
    sent through the encoders to provide full analog PTZ camera control.
--  No separate NVRs or DVRs to buy, configure or maintain -- With up to
    160 GB of storage per camera built into each encoder, VideoIQ offers the
    simplest, most scalable network surveillance system available, whether
    installing one camera or thousands.
--  Better reliability and lower cost of ownership than DVRs or NVRs  --
    With its patent pending, 4X lifespan extension hard drive technology, the
    VideoIQ iCVR solves the number one maintenance expense in the video
    industry -- hard drive failures -- making it the most reliable and -- cost-
    effective IP video system to install, maintain and service.
--  Network friendly -- VideoIQ iCVR Encoders require no bandwidth except
    during critical events, because they record everything internally. This
    instantly solves the bandwidth problem caused by streaming video to DVRs or
    network recorders. Alarms are sent to operators with short,
    bandwidth-friendly video clips. And, with the latest H.264 compression, the
    iCVR Storage Encoder lets you stream live video at 15 fps (frames per
    second) using less bandwidth than traditional JPEG or MJPEG encoders at 3
--  Intelligent recording quality -- VideoIQ's content-aware storage
    captures critical events at the highest frame rate, resolution and quality,
    while at the same time recording everything continuously at the usual lower
    quality settings used in DVRs through a second built-in compression engine.
    Since the analytics knows what video is important, customers never need to
    sacrifice quality.
--  Never lose video -- VideoIQ iCVR systems never lose video recording
    during extended network downtime, since everything is stored in the encoder
    or the camera. Moreover, critical events can be archived to remote network
    attached storage for redundancy and data protection.
--  The first truly plug-and-play analytics with automatic learning  --
    VideoIQ is the only analytics system that needs no calibration or tuning.
    Once plugged in, VideoIQ's advanced intelligence automatically calibrates.
    It is as easy to set up and use as video motion detection, and it works
    better than you ever dreamed motion detection could work, even in the most
    challenging outdoor environments. Its self-learning technology continues
    getting smarter about its environment with each object detected.
--  The only system with "Click & Search" -- VideoIQ's powerful object
    search capability lets customers search for the person or vehicle they are
    seeking by simply clicking on their image. VideoIQ automatically searches
    across terabytes of video from any of the VideoIQ encoders or iCVR cameras
    on the network, and delivers results in seconds.
--  Easy integration -- VideoIQ encoders add intelligence and the power of
    accurate detection to customers' existing surveillance systems. VideoIQ
    encoders work with virtually any analog camera installed at a site --
    normal, day/night, PTZ and thermal. VideoIQ iCVR Encoders are
    standards-based and feature open APIs -- enabling easy integration with
    third-party video management software and central archive storage systems.

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VideoIQ, Inc. is the technology leader in intelligent video surveillance solutions. VideoIQ uses superior analytics to transform video surveillance into a dynamic, real-time system that delivers early warning of security breaches, fast appearance-match video search, and new levels of video quality, network and storage efficiency. The VideoIQ iCVR is the industry's first intelligent Camera with Video Recording -- with advanced video analytic detection and search, content-aware storage and intelligent networking embedded inside a state of the art security camera. Additionally, the VideoIQ HD family of video analyzers delivers the industry's best detection accuracy for conventional analog cameras of all types, requiring human response only when a real event takes place. The company is backed by top-tier investors Atlas Venture, Lehman Brothers and Matrix Partners. Learn more at

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