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April 21, 2009 03:00 ET

VideoIQ's Next-Generation Analytics Helps School System Reduce Costs by 90 Percent

Five Schools in Municipality of Malmö Using VideoIQ's HD Analyzer to Protect Students, Staff and Property

BEDFORD, MA--(Marketwire - April 21, 2009) - VideoIQ, the inventor of the world's first and only intelligent surveillance cameras and encoders with a built-in DVR, today announced that five schools in the municipality of Malmö, Sweden* have reduced their security-related expenses by 90 percent with the help of VideoIQ's HD Smart Video Analyzer. The product provides a real-time system for early warning and security protection so that crime can be prevented before it takes place, creating a safe environment for staff and students and dramatically cutting down on security-related costs.

The municipality of Malmö decided that something needed to be done to increase security at its schools and protect them from the rising number of vandalism and arson attacks. In the five years between 2001-2006, school property damage cost the city more than 60 million Swedish Krona (SEK), the equivalent of nearly $6.5 million USD.

The Malmö municipality hired systems integrator TAC Säkerhet to install a state-of-the-art security system, including video surveillance cameras placed across the five schools and an advanced video analytics system. Marcus Djerf, business area manager at TAC Säkerhet, said, "It was critical that the solution in place didn't just consist of 'dumb' cameras that passively record events while acts of crime go undetected. While recording events could help provide forensic evidence after an incident had taken place, Malmo wanted to be proactive and address potential security issues before they happened. We looked for an intelligent analytics system that would serve as the 'front line' for the schools since they did not have any security guards on-site."

TAC installed VideoIQ's HD Smart Video Analyzer, which continuously watches for security threats across all of the cameras at all of the schools. When an intruder comes onto the property and tries to set a fire or is breaking panes of glass, the system instantly captures a video clip and sends it to remote guards and security personnel at the Malmö City Alarm Center. The guards then contact the police or fire department, nipping crime in the bud.

TAC also chose the VideoIQ HD Analyzer for its self-learning capabilities which enable it to learn and get smarter with each incident detected. The analyzer watches and learns its environment, as well as patterns of motion, so that it can instantly distinguish between a person, automobile, cat, tree, or any other object that may enter school property.

"VideoIQ's self-learning technology is a huge asset because the system recognizes viable threats instantly and accurately, which reduces the number of false alarms generated. This enables security personnel to respond only when needed, saving the city of Malmö considerable time, energy and money," said Djerf.

"The combination of VideoIQ's next-generation analytics and remote guards is the ideal approach to minimize costs while maximizing security protection," said Scott Schnell, president and CEO of VideoIQ. "Our technology works accurately and reliably in any weather, is simple to install and has proven itself for years at schools, chemical sites, water facilities, border crossings, and many other kinds of commercial and government enterprises that want to keep their most prized assets safe."

After just one year of having the security system in place, the municipality of Malmö reduced costs by an astounding 90 percent and the city saved 3 million SEK -- the equivalent of almost $400,000 -- on a reduction in smashed panes and broken glass alone. Djerf said, "Malmö's expenses were improved within a very short space of time. They now have more money which can be used to make other needed improvements at the schools. The security system is seen as an investment and one that will help reduce crime for years to come."

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* Editor's Note: The schools in Malmö referenced in this announcement are Stenkulaskolan, Örtagårdsskolan, Kryddgårdsskolan, Värner Rydénskolan and Rosengårdsskolan.

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