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March 26, 2007 08:00 ET

Vidient and 3VR Form Strategic Partnership, Collaboration to Deliver Purpose-Built Video Security Solutions

Joint Technology and Marketing Agreement Marries Superior Analytics, Sophisticated Viewing & Searchable Surveillance

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 26, 2007 -- ISC West Booth #13121 -- Vidient Systems, Inc. and 3VR Security™, two pioneers in intelligent video analytics and surveillance, announced today at ISC West in Las Vegas a strategic partnership that will result in new purpose-built video security offerings designed for the growing number of customers seeking best-of-breed, enterprise-wide video security solutions.

The joint development and marketing agreement between the two companies highlights the partners' respective announcements this week of new application programming interfaces (APIs) that open their technologies broadly to the industry and customers for further development and integration.

3VR has had broad-based success with its leading 3VR Searchable Surveillance System™, gaining leadership in government, hospitality and banking markets. Vidient's SmartCatch® Analytics has been adopted around the world at major airports, in critical infrastructure locations, and in prominent corporate settings. The agreement between the two companies grew out of market demand from customers and prospects that increasingly request highly scalable, standards-based, enterprise-wide solutions that marry sophisticated video analytics with elegant, centralized management and monitoring, as well as powerful search capabilities.

"Customers in both the private and public sectors globally are turning to solutions integrators like Unisys to help them develop best-of-breed video security solutions to enhance their physical security. Companies like 3VR and Vidient have been quick to recognize the growing customer demand and are positioned as best-of-breed solutions," said Ed Schaffner, director, integrated security programs, Unisys Federal Systems. Unisys is a worldwide systems integrator that works with both Vidient and 3VR.

"They both have built their products on open architectures and are going even further by providing rich APIs that will accelerate development of customer-specific solutions and stimulate broader adoption of video security technology. As a result of this partnership, customers will benefit from the rich video analytics feature set from Vidient and the intuitive user interface and forensic search features from 3VR."

As part of their agreement, joint sales training of the respective teams has begun along with joint technology and marketing initiatives. The partners will share activities this week at ISC West and with integrators such as Unisys.

The partnership also supports new product introductions by both companies, each of which features the availability of new APIs that accelerate the integration of best-of-breed video security products. It coincides with Vidient's expected announcement of a new family of intelligent video analytics networking solutions, anchored by the introduction of a high-performance, multi-port network appliance utilizing technology with compute performance ten times that of any other edge-based product available today and its accompanying SDK.

It also coincides with 3VR's announcement of 3VR nCode™, a new analytic API that provides low-cost and low-risk ways to add powerful analytics directly into the company's searchable surveillance systems. Using nCode, based on standard web services used today by thousands of IT programmers, adding a new analytic to the 3VR solution is reduced to less than a few hours.

"The challenges of sharing critical intelligence across widely distributed environments and disparate facilities have been a tremendous bottleneck to increased security and operational efficiencies," said Stephen Russell, CEO of 3VR Security. "Our partnership with Vidient helps us address these challenges as we can now spread proven, network-aware video analytics throughout a facility of any size and tightly integrate it with our video management system. And, with nCode, customers and other technology innovators can easily add even more value and functionality to meet their specific needs."

Steven H. Goldberg, President and CEO of Vidient Systems, Inc., said the synergy between the two companies is best illustrated by direct customer requests.

"We've increasingly encountered significant customer opportunities in which the prospect has encouraged close collaboration between our two companies," Goldberg said. "The partnership between 3VR and Vidient is well timed as we both look to broaden our product offerings and invite customers and other technology developers to embrace and expand our collective solutions."

Vidient SmartCatch is now in use around the world in corporate facilities, public institutions, and major transportation hubs such as international and regional airports in San Francisco, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Tallahassee, Florida, and Helsinki. It is available worldwide through Vidient, NEC Solutions America, Inc. (NECSAM) through a marketing and distribution partnership with Vidient, and through a select network of security specialty value-added resellers, systems integrators, and manufacturers' representative firms throughout North America.

The most recent release of the 3VR searchable surveillance system, 3VR v5.0, began shipping in October 2006 and represents the industry's first video surveillance platform to federate facial surveillance data enabling face watch lists, alerts, and searches across distributed systems. The product is widely adopted by banks and financial institutions as a key component in fighting fraud loss. Additionally, 3VR provides optimal video surveillance in the retail, government and hospitality industries.

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3VR is the leading developer of Searchable Surveillance Systems™. Pioneering a new standard in video security, 3VR systems combine traditional video recording with powerful facial biometrics and analytics in a searchable surveillance appliance. 3VR security solutions are solving intractable problems such as fraud, theft and homeland security. Using the 3VR Searchable Surveillance Platform, security professionals are able to search for relevant video, manage expansive surveillance systems, integrate applications, data sources and services and streamline security operations. 3VR is changing the standard of video surveillance, delivering new ROI by intelligently using video to stop losses, speed investigations, and improve productivity. 3VR systems are simple to use and install and can scale up to thousands of cameras spanning across geographies. For more information, please visit

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