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March 26, 2007 08:00 ET

Vidient Announces SmartCatch® Analytics 3.0, Newest Version of Sophisticated Surveillance Software Built Into New Family of Video Analytics Networking Solutions and Available as a Server-Based


Field-Proven Video Analytics Software Adds People & Object Counting, Enhances PTZ Tracking & Network Management Capabilities

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 26, 2007 -- ISC West Booth #13121 -- Vidient Systems, Inc., a leading developer of behavior recognition and video analytics products used around the world in security and safety applications, today introduced Vidient SmartCatch® Analytics 3.0, the most comprehensive, accurate, and advanced intelligent video surveillance and analytics software available today.

Field-proven in demanding indoor and outdoor environments, Vidient SmartCatch has been enhanced to support its ever-growing library of pre-defined behaviors, such as a new, highly accurate people and object counting capability. This enables, for instance, the accurate counting of vehicles moving along single-lane or two-way highways.

Additionally, Vidient SmartCatch Analytics 3.0 also features new comprehensive support of today's most advanced pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras, including single-camera autonomous tracking of people and objects, so that suspicious individuals or vehicles can be tracked through a specific field of view and the target can then be handed off to a PTZ camera as the person or object leaves the initial view-specific region for further tracking.

To further ease installation and management of SmartCatch and security devices connected around the edge of a customer's security network, SmartCatch Analytics 3.0 also now features a refined user interface and new network management that provides a single console from which to monitor and manage all devices streaming security data into SmartCatch.

Deployment and configuration are also simplified by a Behavior Configuration Wizard which steps the user through the process of an optimal configuration using a series of questions. The configuration can then be tracked and changed easily, and previous configurations can be re-loaded with the support of the Configuration History function.

"Accurate behavior recognition and analysis is the gold-standard in video surveillance, and we've just raised the bar with SmartCatch Analytics 3.0," said Steven H. Goldberg, President and CEO of Vidient Systems, Inc. "Whether used as part of our new family of analytics networking solutions or in a classic server-based configuration, we're delivering the accuracy, scalability, interoperability and price-performance that customers of video surveillance and analytics solutions are demanding today."

In combination with the Vidient SmartCatch Intelligent Video Router IVR2400, also announced today, SmartCatch Analytics 3.0 forms the core of the company's new family of intelligent video analytics networking solutions capable of supporting thousands of CCTV cameras throughout an enterprise. SmartCatch Analytics 3.0 also is available as a server-based solution for smaller deployments with as few as a handful of cameras. The system supports both H.264 and MPEG-4 video sources.

Vidient is already recognized for the proven behavior recognition capabilities of SmartCatch, which eliminate the false alarms often generated by motion detection and simple object tracking systems. Developed in response to Vidient customer needs, SmartCatch Analytics 3.0 is easy to set up and use, can be easily integrated with other sensor and security management platforms, and works with all existing CCTV cameras and surveillance infrastructures.

SmartCatch Analytics 3.0 also supports Vidient's growing and versatile library of pre-defined, policy-based behaviors for use in the most demanding environments. Due to the broad capabilities and rich feature set of each behavior module, customers can apply SmartCatch Analytics 3.0 to thousands of specific security and safety situations and environments. For instance, the Crowd Detection module can be used effectively for everything from crowd control assistance at public events to preventing long customer wait times at retail or transportation facilities to maintaining operation efficiencies at wholesale distribution and logistic centers.

Other feature-rich behavior modules address Loitering, Removed & Unattended Object Detection, Perimeter Intrusion, Exit Lane Monitoring, Human & Vehicle Tailgating & Piggybacking, among dozens of other behavior categories and specific situations.

Additionally, Vidient SmartCatch includes a complete set of application programming interfaces (APIs) to support the integration and customization of the SmartCatch Analytics 3.0 user interface and for the tailoring the company's library of behaviors to meet the specific security and safety policies of a specific customer, facility or situation.

Vidient SmartCatch is now in use around the world in corporate facilities, public institutions, and major transportation hubs such as international and regional airports in San Francisco, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Tallahassee, Florida, and Helsinki.

Vidient SmartCatch Analytics 3.0 will be commercially available worldwide in June 2007 directly from Vidient or NEC Solutions America, Inc. (NECSAM) through a marketing and distribution partnership with Vidient, and through a select network of security specialty value-added resellers, systems integrators, and manufacturers' representative firms throughout North America.

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