SOURCE: Vidient Systems, Inc.

June 11, 2008 08:00 ET

Vidient Powers Perimeter Intrusion Detection With New Release of Flagship SmartCatch Software

Product Enhances PTZ Capabilities, Improves Ability to Track and Identify Intruders Across Entire Grounds

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - June 11, 2008) - Vidient Systems, Inc., a leading developer of intelligent video security solutions, today announced general availability of Vidient SmartCatch® 3.1, featuring new pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) functionality to enhance perimeter intrusion detection and assessment.

By leveraging existing CCTV infrastructure, SmartCatch offers dramatic cost savings -- often more than 50% -- over traditional perimeter intrusion detection sensors. Rather than using physical sensors, the SmartCatch system automatically analyzes video feeds in real time to detect people and vehicles in unauthorized locations. Unlike traditional fence sensors, Vidient SmartCatch cannot be defeated by intruders tunneling under or scaling over the fence. It can also be implemented in locations where traditional sensors aren't practical for safety or aesthetic reasons, such as runways, beaches and public areas.

SmartCatch 3.1 further increases the power of video intrusion detection by automating alarm assessment. When SmartCatch detects an intruder, it will direct a PTZ camera to point and zoom in on the intruder. SmartCatch will then automatically control the PTZ camera to continuously track the intruder as they move. If the suspect temporarily disappears behind other objects, SmartCatch will automatically zoom out, reacquire the intruder, and then zoom back in. By eliminating the need to hunt for the intruder, these capabilities enable guards to more rapidly assess an alarm and respond. By increasing the number of frames on target, they also maximize the probability of capturing the suspect's face or license plate for forensic purposes.

SmartCatch 3.1 automatically alerts security personnel to suspicious behaviors that may predict an intrusion attempt, such as loitering people or stopped vehicles outside the perimeter. With SmartCatch's new "Stop and Stare" mode, a single PTZ camera can be configured to monitor multiple locations for these behaviors. The camera will automatically move between the locations, pausing at each location to detect suspicious behaviors. This new mode further increases the cost-effectiveness of video for implementing perimeter security.

"Advanced video technology is revolutionizing perimeter intrusion detection," said Frank Pao, CEO of Vidient Systems. "By utilizing the existing CCTV infrastructure, Vidient SmartCatch delivers much more sophisticated detection capabilities at a fraction of the price of traditional approaches."

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