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September 15, 2008 11:00 ET

Vidsense Cures Ad Woes for Facebook et al

Edward G. Robinson Says: "I Buy It 100%!"

MOKENA, IL--(Marketwire - September 15, 2008) - Vidsense, the Web's largest video ad network, has produced a special video presentation ( that shows social networks how to add tangible value to their sites and transform their impressive reach into real dollars.

The explosive growth of Facebook and other social networking sites should by any measure represent a cornucopia of advertising opportunities. Turns out, however, that the very hyper-personalization that defines and drives social networks also makes it next to impossible for marketers to target specific audiences. Add to that advertiser concerns about unsavory content and increasing consumer antipathy for all advertising, and what should have been a veritable gold mine has turned instead into a media mine field.

"The sober truth," says Vidsense CEO Jaffer Ali, "is that advertisers are up against the wall -- in no small part because the first thing consumers will demand in an on-demand world is far fewer ads, plain and simple." His remedial plan for advertisers and social networks is both radical and elegantly simple: "It's time to invert the model," he says. "Rather than target the audience, it's time to let the audience target us."

Enter Vidsense, the first and only online video ad network designed specifically to accommodate the fundamental premise -- and promise -- of digital on-demand. Under Ali's plan, a cluster of inviting thumbnail images -- each representing a video clip culled from the Vidsense library of more than 80,000 licensed, advertiser-friendly videos -- is offered as content on member pages. Each time a page visitor clicks on a Vidsense video thumbnail, a popup window opens, transporting both viewer and content to a sponsor's website, where an imbedded Vidsense player plays the requested clip. The result is a powerful, high-quality ad impression delivered safe and secure inside the advertiser's own completely controlled online brand environment. Once the video clip concludes, the visitor simply closes the window and returns to the social network page that launched it. Advertisers pay Vidsense for each visitor delivered to them in the process, and Vidsense shares that revenue with the social network sites.

By engaging consumers on their own terms, Vidsense solves the social networking ad dilemma. "The idea," according to Mr. Ali, "is not to legislate taste but to leverage it. Vidsense represents a no-risk opportunity to put economy of scale and simple viewer predisposition to work for advertisers and social networks instead of against them."

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