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May 16, 2011 08:00 ET

Vieosoft Introduces First Comprehensive Healthcare Platform-as-a-Service for Capitation Cost Control and Accountability in Patient Care

Vieosoft's Platform Helps Payers and Providers Lower Costs and Increase Efficiency for Value-Based Reimbursement in Healthcare Delivery

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - May 16, 2011) - Vieosoft, provider of proven, end-to-end technology solutions for healthcare organizations, today announced a new platform that delivers all the technical underpinnings necessary for payers and providers to immediately coordinate, control, understand and improve care across disparate organizations and IT systems. Enabling critical insights into the nuances of patient care and provider delivery, Vieosoft's platform helps ACO, Medicare, Medicaid, commercial and other organizations operating within a value-based reimbursement model understand and actively manage network behaviors, leading to improved accountability and greater cost control. As a cloud computing service, Vieosoft's platform doesn't require installation or integration, allowing for immediate organizational trials or rapid scalability to full million-plus patient deployment.

"ACOs and related organizations must meet the highest standards for patient accountability, and at the core of that mission is the need to quickly access and evaluate individual and network data and insights," said Peter Hoover, president and CEO, Vieosoft. "Our technology shines in its ability to compile and analyze data across organizational boundaries, helping healthcare organizations make swift, informed decisions to mitigate risk and drive better results. And since the system is built with the claims data and PMPM payment structure that's already standard with managed care, it's simple to align and deploy around new reimbursement requirements."

Vieosoft's open, standards-based platform-as-a-service architecture works with an organization's existing systems, eliminating the time and capital expense associated with traditional software- or hardware-based approaches. The platform provides everything necessary for the creation and coordination of an ACO or managed Medicaid/Medicare service, allowing organizations to shift from fee for service (FFS) to a pay for performance (P4P) model.

With Vieosoft's platform, healthcare organizations can:

Administer, Coordinate and Improve Care -- Vieosoft provides the proven technology infrastructure required to coordinate delivery of care in an ACO or similar entity. It seamlessly links payers and providers across organizational boundaries and incompatible IT systems to unmask valuable insights into patient care, provider efficiency, payer cost control, identified risk pools and more.

Rapidly Deploy a Future-proof Solution -- With Vieosoft, there is no software or hardware installation, eliminating the time and capital expense associated with traditional software or custom development approaches. The company's open, standards-based approach is designed to work seamlessly with an organization's existing systems as well as any future upgrades.

Leverage Rich Data Analysis and Decision Support Tools -- The Vieosoft platform offers database decision support tools and automated control systems for continuum of care, enabling organizations to align their delivery of care, best practices and more with financial reward for strategies that maintain a healthy population and efficient use of resources.

Identify Leakages, Gain Control and Boost ROI -- Vieosoft's insight into the nuances of patient care and provider delivery make it possible to understand and actively manage network behaviors, and demonstrate outcomes. This insight enables ACOs and other healthcare organizations to mitigate risk by quickly identifying leakage across providers, organizations and entire populations.

"Healthcare organizations in all fifty states are eyeing a transition from FFS to accountable care models to address skyrocketing healthcare costs," said Brian Klepper, Ph.D, Senior Consultant, Zolo Health. "But finding and deploying the kind of technologies required to coordinate care across organizational boundaries in P4P models has posed significant challenges. Outsourced solutions can give managed care organizations all the benefits of accountable care, minus the complexity of traditional software- or hardware-based approaches."

Vieosoft's platform aggregates best-of-breed SaaS tools and can be rolled out as a comprehensive system (i.e., ACO-in-a-box) or in modules to meet specific organizational requirements. The initial offering leverages a proven SaaS solution operational for nearly ten years in the state of California, the most financially challenging and largest managed Medicaid market in the U.S.

With Vieosoft's platform, the greatest cost improvements typically come within the first 12 months of deployment. The solution can be evaluated side-by-side with existing tools, or even run data analytics on historical claims to identify and analyze leakages for a live comparison against legacy tools and processes. To learn more about how Vieosoft's platform-as-service can deliver better patient and financial outcomes, visit

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Vieosoft helps Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Medicare, Medicaid, commercial organizations and other value-based reimbursement organizations seamlessly coordinate patient care across diverse organizational and IT system boundaries. The company's proven software presents a cohesive, global view of patient data, enabling payers and providers to synchronize, control, understand, and optimize both provider delivery and patient outcomes. Vieosoft's platform-as-a-service technology offers hassle-free implementation, and gives administrators the tools and insights they need to quickly identify leakages and gain greater cost control. To learn more about how Vieosoft is helping healthcare organizations advance their mission of driving down the cost of healthcare while increasing the quality of patient care, visit

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