May 08, 2013 09:00 ET

Viewers Love to Hate the Villainous Moms of Mad Men (AMC) and Game of Thrones (HBO): NetBase Measures Social Buzz and Sentiment for TV Moms

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - May 8, 2013) - NetBase, the Social Intelligence Company, today announced that in honor of Mother's Day, they have released the latest Brand Passion Index (BPI), analyzing six mom characters from leading TV shows. Powered by the Insight Composer, the Index surfaced the behaviors, emotions and opinions from social media about the following TV moms: Gloria Pritchett of Modern Family (ABC), Claire Dunphy of Modern Family (ABC), Marge Simpson of The Simpsons (FOX), Lois Griffin of Family Guy (FOX), Betty Draper of Mad Men (AMC), and Cersei Lannister of Game of Thrones (HBO).

The BPI found that Cersei Lannister of Game of Thrones (HBO) had the most consumer buzz, generating 58 percent of the overall conversation about these characters. But while Cersei was the most talked about TV mom, she had one of the lowest Net Sentiment scores (4) and the second lowest Passion Intensity (56). Conversations about the icy queen showed that online consumers can't stop talking about how controversial and evil she is -- but also how well the character is played.

Betty Draper of the critically acclaimed Mad Men (ABC) generated the third highest share of buzz with 11 percent of the overall conversation, and also the lowest Net Sentiment score (-10) and a fairly high Passion Intensity of 62. Similar to the viewers who took to social to bash Cersei's character, online consumers hate and ranted about Betty's deplorable mothering skills.

On the contrary to the most hated villainous TV moms that garnered the most buzz, Gloria Pritchett of Modern Family (ABC) emerged as the most-loved, with the highest Passion Intensity score (97) as well as the highest Net Sentiment score (66). Despite generating only about 1 percent of the overall chatter, online consumers talked about how Gloria is their favorite character and gushed about how much they love her.

Read what consumers are saying about Cersei Lannister:

Everyone hates Cersei because she's so good at being bad. Lena Heady ftw.

Ughhhhhh, I hate the Lannisters! And I freaking hate Cersei.

@angrygodofjebus I hate Cersei so much too. Which is the best feeling her performance could give.

Read what consumers are saying about Betty Draper:

It's season six and I still hate Betty Draper. #madmen

Welp. I officially effing hate betty draper.

I ACTUALLY hate Betty Draper in Mad Men. Now I have this unexplained dislike for the actor as well. #psychology

Betty Draper was one of the most brilliantly appalling characters ever written

Betty Draper is ruining Mother's Day... #MadMen

Betty Draper is easily the worst mother ever. #madmen

Read what consumers are saying about Gloria Pritchett:

My favorite is Gloria Pritchett.

Sofia Vergara. Have you seen her as the fabulous Gloria Pritchett in Modern Family? I think I'm in love!

Words cannot describe how much I love Gloria Pritchett!

Just for the record, I love Gloria Pritchett!

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