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February 26, 2013 12:11 ET

Viewfinity Previews Application Control at RSA Conference 2013

Viewfinity Delivers Dual Approach to Significantly Reduce IT Security Risks: Application Control Reinforced With Managed Administrative Privileges

WALTHAM, MA and SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 26, 2013) - Viewfinity (, the leading provider of next generation application control, will preview the company's upcoming new product, Viewfinity Application Control, at the RSA Conference 2013. Viewfinity will demonstrate this product in advance of its official launch in booth #3212 at the Moscone Convention Center.

With virtually every corporate network exposed to highly vulnerable online threats, Viewfinity Application Control offers IT management careful control of every application on the system with complete control of user-privilege levels to provide a new foundation for enterprise IT security. Viewfinity's Next Generation Application Control offers more automation and greater end user productivity with even lower TCO.

"With Viewfinity Application Control, your infrastructure is protected through application control that is reinforced with managed administrative privileges, representing a major step in security best practices aimed at reducing security risks," said Leonid Shtilman, CEO, Viewfinity.

"Whitelisting sounds simple but it's not. It's more than just approving a list of known good applications and blocking everything else. While this approach might be good for security, it's bad for business because it is unrealistic to maintain a list of programs that can run on your computers, while denying anything else," explained Shtilman. "Viewfinity automates the handling of whitelisting, blacklisting and applications not yet classified without additional work for IT."

Viewfinity Application Control minimizes the impact on end user productivity and the amount of time IT must spend managing the whitelist profile. Automatically enforced policies proactively handle applications that have not yet been classified, allowing them to be installed while restricting privileges and limiting access to resources. This approach adds a data-centric level of application security currently unheard of with the typical whitelisting strategies seen today while providing scalability for very large deployments easily supporting hundreds of thousands of end points without jeopardizing performance.

Complementing the Application Control capabilities, Viewfinity has a Forensic Analysis feature that identifies information related to malicious files and keeps track of applications being installed and run, and who, when, and from where applications and files are introduced onto corporate end points. Origination points for applications are tracked, including the source of the installation from the web, the network, a removable storage device, through software distributors, and more. Because an application's history is silently tracked before any policies are implemented, rules can be applied to pre-existing applications based on information such as installation point of origin, trusted vendor, and other criteria. This information is reported through a centralized console, allowing IT to perform application audits, apply policies or review screen recorded video for auditing and forensic purposes for breach investigations.

Viewfinity Application Control will be released later this quarter. Pricing has not yet been announced but the company will answer questions about Viewfinity Application Control by calling 800.455.2010, via email at, or on the Web at

About Viewfinity
Viewfinity provides the only solution which offers complete application control features and administrative privilege capabilities to protect against sophisticated zero-day attacks, malware, and advanced persistent threats. Our next generation application control provides everything needed for whitelisting -- from trusted sources and updaters to a cloud-based system which can rank unknown executables, reinforced with managed administrative privileges. Applications not yet classified run in a sandbox "greylist mode" and are automatically evaluated and assigned to a white/black list. Our solution enhances the utilization of antivirus as a protective filter for the greylist. This approach leads to more secure desktop and server environments, enables high operational IT efficiency via a lower TCO model, and maximizes end user productivity.

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