November 21, 2007 04:00 ET Ltd. launch the brandstation platform

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 21, 2007) - Brandstation is an Internet TV and communications platform, the latest product to be launched by widely acclaimed Internet TV company Ltd. By offering quality rich media experience is offering robust Internet TV and video distribution technology to clients wishing to maximize their brand's global online presence.

Fundamentally, video is the most engaging media format online, prompting effective communication, social network effects, with access to personalised and targeted content. At the heart of the brandstation Internet TV platform is the capability to seamlessly combine compelling video content with targeted advertising for use on customer websites. By employing the latest video and content management technologies, simplifies the manageability of live streams and syndicated video feeds into a single brandstation distribution platform. is inspiring the Internet TV industry and knows that users want greater control over how, when and where they consume media. By recognising the merge between a web 2.0 Internet and traditional TV, together with emergence of branded streaming TV channels. What resulted was the subsequent development of the brandstation solution - multi-channel / multi-format, video distribution and syndication. is one of the few companies that combines all of the necessary components of a complete online video communications platform. Encompassing video management, content management, communications tools, advertising and real-time reporting that allows leading brands to compete more effectively to harness the power of the increasingly video-centric Internet.

The core features of a brandstation video management includes (VOD playlists, or live stream formats), channel search, video embedding, full-screen / mini screen options, full presentation layer customisation.

Extended features include content management, publishing workflow (admin security permissions), version control, events, forums, blogs, category and navigation management, user profile management / customisation, channel recommendation, video commenting, channel tags, API integration, analytics reporting, live video conferencing integration.

With ready-made core functionality offer bespoke development to tailor its brandstation solution to each client.

A brandstation gives clients rapid setup and integration within a simple to maintain infrastructure. The management information system (MIS) has highly fault-tolerant architecture and self-service web interface. The brandstation allows playback on multi-platform / browser / plug-in configurations whilst still remaining web standards adherent.

Video is the most engaging and popular type of entertainment online. creates marketing solutions around client specific needs and builds custom branded interfaces to meet client objectives.

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