LXR & Co

March 25, 2014 15:53 ET

Vintage Will Never Be the Same

LXR & Co Reinvents Both Luxury and Vintage With the Introduction of Savvy Customer-Oriented Technology In-Store and Online

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 25, 2014) - In an attempt to bridge the gap between brick and mortar stores and online sales, luxury vintage retail mogul LXR & Co has reached out to new resources to retain clients and utilize new technologies for both the benefits of business and to improve customer experience.

LXR & Co is a pioneer in a new world of luxury retail. Originally started as an alternative to the traditional luxury shopping experience, LXR & Co now has a powerful online presence as well as two high-end vintage shops set up in Beverly Hills, CA and New York, NY. The up & coming brand offers its clients a large, curated selection of luxury vintage designer handbags and accessories from brands like Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Co-founded by two young entrepreneurs, Frederick Mannella, 28 and Kei Izawa, 29, LXR & Co has become the innovative vintage luxury company. Incorporating high tech elements with a savvy retail model, LXR & Co is taking the customer's in-store experience to new heights.

In just over a year, Mannella and Izawa have grown LXR & Co to over 200,000 members online, two flagship stores, and a company revenue that continues to double. With a projected revenue for 2014 set to top $20 million, the success of the company is due largely in part to the brand's impressive attention to detail. With 2 young children and 60 full-time employees, it is Mannella and Izawa's true commitment to customer service that has allowed for LXR & Co's rapid growth.

With the introduction of revolutionary in-store technology, like the personalized mobile app powered by Thirdshelf, in-store beacons by Estimote and tight integration with Lightspeed POS, LXR & Co is able to offer a personally tailored experience for the customer. By incorporating innovative ideas to their now famous "Birkin Bar" stores, LXR & Co is changing the way the world looks at vintage. Instead of evoking ideas of mom jeans and your siblings' hand-me-downs, LXR & Co has branded vintage luxury as chic, special, timeless and accessible. LXR & Co aims to maintain its growth within the vintage market by continuously adding unexpected, exciting elements to their business. With the help of new advents in technology, the sky is the limit and the opportunities for growth are endless.

About LXR & Co
LXR & Co prides itself on providing clients with access to the best vintage luxury products available. Each product sold by LXR & Co is purchased by the company's international buyers and certified by experienced in-house authenticators, ensuring the highest quality guarantee on the market. LXR & Co sources its product through private auctions, individual collections and directly from clients at its retail locations.

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