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September 29, 2016 08:00 ET

VIP Petcare Announces New Pet Wellness Center in Oakland, California

Wellness Center Located Within New Pet Food Express Store

WINDSOR, CA --(Marketwired - September 29, 2016) - VIP Petcare, the leader in veterinary pet wellness care, today announced the opening of a new wellness center within the Pet Food Express in Oakland, California. Setting the standard for preventative veterinary care since 1995, VIP Petcare's mission is to extend the availability of high value pet preventative and wellness veterinary services to all pet owners. The Wellness Center, staffed Monday-Friday, 2:30-7:30 pm, is designed to provide a wide variety of wellness and veterinary services at a convenient location in the community. Opening day for the Oakland Wellness Center is October 3.

Through a network of over 2,500 community clinics in 30 states as well as 6 Wellness Centers in California, VIP Petcare provides a variety of preventative pet care services, all supervised by a licensed veterinarian. These services include vaccinations, diagnostic testing, microchipping with a free nationwide registration included, and prescription parasite prevention and medications. The Wellness Centers feature expanded services, including complete physical exams, comprehensive health panels, urinalysis, diagnosis and treatment of minor infections, health certificates and wellness treatments for ears, eyes and skin. The Center is staffed by a licensed veterinarian with whom clients can form an ongoing relationship.

"Our new Wellness Center is bringing the availability of comprehensive veterinary care to a broader number of animals in the community," explains Dr. Wilson, the Oakland Wellness Center veterinarian. "Because no appointment is needed, you can drop by any time that is convenient for you during our operating hours and get your pet the wellness and preventative care that he or she needs. We served almost 20,000 pets through our Wellness Centers in 2015, and are excited to be able to serve even more in the East Bay area."

The VIP Petcare Wellness Center in Oakland opens October 3, and is located within Pet Food Express at 5108 Broadway, K100. For more information about VIP Petcare or to find more locations and times near you, visit

About VIP Petcare

VIP Petcare is dedicated to improving the lives of pets and the people who love them. We do this by extending the availability of high value pet preventative and wellness veterinary services to all pet owners. Through our nationwide network of community clinics, VIP Petcare provides a wide variety of preventative pet care services, all administered by a licensed veterinarian onsite at all of our clinics. These services and products include diagnostic tests, vaccinations, prescription medications, microchipping and a wellness check commensurate with the services administered. Our wellness services provide information about and/or protection against diseases and parasites such as parvo, rabies, Lyme, heartworm, intestinal parasites and feline leukemia. Our microchipping includes free nationwide registration, helping pet owners find their pet family members and bring them safely home.

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