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May 19, 2016 08:00 ET

VIP Petcare Extends Special Promotion for Heartworm Awareness Month

Company Provides Free Heartworm/Lyme Combo Test With Purchase Through July

WINDSOR, CA--(Marketwired - May 19, 2016) - VIP Petcare, the leader in veterinary pet wellness care, is promoting heartworm awareness during the month of May. As part of its efforts to encourage all pet owners to protect their pets against the dangerous onslaught of heartworm and Lyme disease, the company is offering a free heartworm/lyme combination test with the purchase of any package at its Community Clinics nationwide. To give even more pet owners the opportunity to protect their pets, the company is now expanding this special offer through the month of July.

For a variety of reasons, even in regions of the country where winters are cold or the climate is dry, the American Heartworm Society recommends year-round Heartworm prevention. Heartworm has been found in all 50 states. Most states have "hot spots" where the heartworm infection rate is very high compared with other areas in the same state, however the incidence of heartworm disease in a particular area is not always predictable from year to year. Factors affecting the level of risk of heartworm infection include the climate (temperature, humidity), the species of mosquitoes in the area, presence of mosquito breeding areas, and presence of animal reservoirs (infected dogs, foxes, coyotes).

Lyme disease is also a danger to dogs nationwide. The threat of Lyme disease is on high alert this year in all 50 states and in more than 60 other countries. The disease occurs when ticks infected by the Lyme Disease bacterium bite a pet (or a human) and transmit the pathogen into the body. Different regions carry different tick species and the possibility of infectious pathogens often fluctuates based on weather and climate.

VIP Petcare provides both testing and prescription preventative medication to combat these dangerous diseases. These services and products, and many others, are available through the company's network of over 2,000 Community Clinics nationwide. The clinics are conveniently located at neighborhood pet stores, feed stores and other host locations. Started in 1995 by high school friends Will Santana and Ken Pecoraro, VIP Petcare's mission is to extend the availability of high value pet preventative and wellness veterinary services to all pet owners. These services include vaccinations, diagnostic testing, microchipping with a free nationwide registration included, and prescription parasite prevention and medications. The clinics are scheduled for specific times at host locations on both weekends and weeknights, and do not require an appointment.

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VIP Petcare is dedicated to improving the lives of pets and the people who love them. We do this by extending the availability of high value pet preventative and wellness veterinary services to all pet owners. Through our nationwide network of community clinics, VIP Petcare provides a wide variety of preventative pet care services, all administered by a licensed veterinarian onsite at all of our clinics. These services and products include diagnostic tests, vaccinations, prescription medications, microchipping and a wellness check commensurate with the services administered. Our wellness services provide information about and/or protection against diseases and parasites such as parvo, rabies, Lyme, heartworm, intestinal parasites and feline leukemia. Our microchipping includes free nationwide registration, helping pet owners find their pet family members and bring them safely home.

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