VIQ Solutions Inc.

VIQ Solutions Inc.

April 23, 2013 17:00 ET

VIQ Solutions Releases VIQ Infinit Suite

Remote digital media processing platform with advanced video capabilities

MARKHAM, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 23, 2013) - VIQ Solutions Inc. ("VIQ Solutions" or the "Corporation") (TSX VENTURE:VQS), a world leader in computer-based digital audio and video capture and management, announced today the new product release of VIQ Infinit, an innovative digital media capture and management platform which offers seamless integration with advanced high-definition digital video systems, along with easily accessible industry and language profiles for expanded market coverage worldwide.

VIQ Infinit's leading-edge architecture includes video recording enhancements which enables integration with video capture and conferencing systems. VIQ Infinit has been developed to fully integrate with Cisco's Connected Justice system, providing a rich multimedia recording solution that allows large-scale federal or state justice agencies to be managed efficiently with fewer resources, addressing reduced budgets and headcount.

"The integration of VIQ Infinit and high definition video systems brings remote participants into the courtroom for face-to-face communication, reducing transportation costs and increasing security" says David Outhwaite, President and CEO of VIQ Solutions. "In each case, VIQ's Infinit product captures the conferencing end-points and adds them to the final verbatim record" added Mr. Outhwaite.

More recently, VIQ Solutions has teamed with AV Innovations for the custom integration of a high-definition, voice-activated video switching system which offers up to six video windowing options, creating a sophisticated yet cost effective solution for video recording. The video windowing options permit easy selection from a variety of viewable combinations such that active speaker can be automatically switched to the large window while all other speakers are retained in surrounding windows, allowing for all participants to be viewed simultaneously.

"The ability to provide high definition voice-activated video switching to highlight the active speaker while also capturing all other participants on the screen is innovative and a long overdue technology within the judicial arena," says Paul Culbertson, VP of Panax Video Communications Solutions. "It enables courts to simultaneously capture a video record of all participants without the prohibitive expense of hiring a video production team" added Mr. Culbertson.

VIQ Infinit has also been integrated with PESA Switching Systems' new Xstream professional broadcast digital media system. The robust Xstream hardware platform captures and combines up to eight channels of audio and five channels of video, independent of protocol format and delivers synchronized live and on-demand playback, as well as video conferencing. XStream's agnostic approach to audio and video capture means clients can use a wide range of new or existing capture devices, including high-definition digital, IP and analogue cameras together within the same device.

In order to enable easy adaptation to justice, military, law enforcement, legislature, immigration, and other government agency market requirements, VIQ Infinit has been designed with highly flexible industry and multi-language profiles, as well as web services. The product's extensive language profile capabilities reflect the growing needs of an increasingly multi-cultural global demographic for systems that support and are able to accurately capture their diverse languages and switch effortlessly between multiple languages.

"VIQ Infinit's ability to capture high-definition digital signals from a wide variety of video capture and conferencing hardware systems uniquely positions our new product suite to meet the current demands of an increasingly technical global audience" added Mr. Outhwaite. "Combining these advanced video systems with multiple industry and language profiles has further broadened our overall product reach into new markets worldwide."

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VIQ Solutions is a global leader in computer-based digital audio and video capture and management. We develop software solutions that capture, digitize, and compress audio and video data, which is securely stored in a multi-tiered server system where it is easily searchable and shareable. Our innovative media processor technology allows users to remotely control audio- video capture in multiple locations from a single satellite location, allowing large-scale and complex installations to be managed efficiently by fewer resources. VIQ Solutions' technologies are installed in courts, legislative assemblies, law enforcement and hearing rooms around the world.

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