SOURCE: Vircom, Inc.

October 25, 2006 16:04 ET

Vircom™'s Modus™ v4.4 Enhances Email Tracking, Reporting; Allows Administrators to Audit, Report & Troubleshoot Effortlessly

Recognizes 37 Languages for Better Handling of Foreign-Language Spam

MONTREAL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 25, 2006 -- Modus™ 4.4, the latest release of Vircom's email assurance technology, now provides a message audit log so that corporations and Internet Service Providers can better track and monitor email traffic.

The new message audit log allows Modus administrators to track every email entering and leaving their systems. Advanced search options include date, email address, subject, IP address, and email status. With Modus 4.4, administrators can easily find specific messages and answer user and regulatory body inquiries about message status.

In addition to the message audit log feature, Modus 4.4 automatically recognizes the language of an email, provides more options as to what is displayed in the quarantine report and has improved security against phishing emails.

"Vircom put a lot of thought into the Modus Message Audit Log and it has already proven to be a very useful troubleshooting tool for me in many instances. And to my delight, I received a lot of compliments from my customers on the new Quarantine Report the first day it was released," reported Drew Salmon, a long-time Vircom customer and Modus 4.4 tester.

According to Sylvain Durocher, Vircom founder and chief executive officer, "These new features help corporations and service providers make better use of our very strong delegation architecture, allowing them to configure and manage Modus at the system, domain and user level."

Filters Foreign Languages

Before scanning conventional spam, Modus 4.4 scans and blocks messages written in the languages that users have chosen not to receive. Modus v4.4 is customizable, giving administrators the option to allow users to set their own language preferences so mail from trusted email addresses are delivered to their inboxes. Administrators also have the ability to run policy-management rules to process and redirect emails based on the language of the message.

Improved Quarantine Reports

The Modus Quarantine Reports now have localization, template and branding options and can be produced in Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. In addition, more options are available as to what is displayed in the Quarantine Report, including items to be reported, spam probability levels and statistics.

Improved Phishing

To Modus v4.4, Vircom has added improved security against phishing, providing more protection to users and more control to administrators. While the functionality mimics that of spam (definition files are updated with those of spam), Modus v.4.4 manages mail with phishing content as it does viruses. Messages can be quarantined or deleted by users but not released. Only administrators can release these messages.

About Modus

Vircom's Modus technology manages inbound and outbound email traffic and offers protection from spam, fraud, phishing, viruses, spyware, out-of-policy communications and other email threats. ModusMail™ is a complete email server solution with advanced email assurance features. ModusGate™ is a comprehensive secure email gateway, designed to fit seamlessly with existing email servers. It provides advanced email assurance and works seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange™, Lotus Notes™ and other standard email servers. ModusGate is available in both software and appliance format.

Modus 4.4 is available now; pricing depends on configuration and number of mailboxes. More information can be obtained by calling Vircom toll free at (888) 484-7266.

About Vircom

Vircom, Inc., based in Montreal, is a privately held software development company and think-tank focused exclusively on email messaging. Founded in 1994, Vircom was the first company to offer commercial-grade, industrial-strength spam and email-protection facilities to Internet Service Providers. Its award-winning products include ModusMail, ModusGate, ModusGate Appliance and VOP™Radius. Modus technology is sold directly to companies, licensed to major security providers and deployed through third-party vendors to customers in more than 100 countries. More information for customers, partners and resellers can be found at

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