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October 13, 2010 06:10 ET

Virginia Library Swaps Out PCs for Pano Logic Zero Client Computing, Wins Governor's Award for Innovation in Local Government

City of Staunton Wins Official Recognition and Freedom From Supporting and Maintaining Problem-Plagued PCs While Expanding Public Access to Computing

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - October 13, 2010) -  Pano Logic, the leader in zero client desktop virtualization, today announced the City of Staunton, VA, deployed Pano Logic desktop computing and was awarded a coveted Governor's Technology Award for Innovation in Local Government. The city was recognized for fully centralizing computing in the data center and expanding public access computing resources for library patrons while eliminating the support and maintenance drain on the IT team. The city is one of more than 400 organizations that have improved their end user computing experiences with Pano Logic zero client desktop virtualization while realizing dramatic reductions in their computing total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Only about half of the library's PCs were functioning at any given time and Kurt Plowman, Staunton's Chief Technology Officer, was finding his resources stretched thin trying to keep them operational. He was also facing a public relations problem from frustrated patrons. The library in this picturesque community of 24,000 residents in the Shenandoah Valley was experiencing increased foot traffic as the recession took hold and free computing resources were in high demand.

Modest funding from the city combined with a grant from the Gates Foundation and the Friends of the Staunton Library paid for the Pano Logic virtual desktops and the supporting VMware virtualization infrastructure. The decision to adopt Pano Logic led the city to begin virtualizing its servers for the first time. Adopting Pano Logic won the city recognition during the annual Commonwealth of Virginia's Innovative Technology Symposium, where the state's Lt. Governor Bill Bolling and Secretary of Technology Jim Duffey presented the award.

Supporting Comments:

"Spending several hours a week fixing software problems and replacing parts was becoming an endless nightmare," said Plowman. "We considered replacing the PCs but I thought, 'there has to be something better.' With Pano Logic, I found it. We can now manage the desktops from our offices and set controls so that individuals cannot corrupt the settings or software and spoil the next user's experience. And with Pano Logic's zero clients, there's nothing in the library we have to support. Winning the innovation award from the governor's office has been icing on the cake and I'm heartened to learn that our efforts to make things better for the residents and our staff are deserving of such high recognition."

"The city of Staunton deserves to be recognized for its foresight in seeking, and finding, a better way to provide end user computing than traditional PCs or thin clients," said John Kish, CEO of Pano Logic. "Providing public access to computing is an invaluable service of our nation's public libraries and Staunton was able to expand its computing resources and support them long-term with existing staff, and that's central to what desktop virtualization has promised and what we deliver."

Pano Logic Zero Client Computing:

  • Pano Logic solves major problems created by distributed PCs, limited terminal services, and repurposed thin clients or related architectures, while providing end users with the best possible user experience and IT managers with a simple, open hypervisor-indifferent platform to deliver desktop computing.

  • End users connect to their virtual machine via a zero client that contains no processor, no operating system, no memory, no drivers, no firmware, no software and no moving parts. This represents a major paradigm shift away from highly complex and costly PC and thin client architectures.

  • Pano Logic's patent-pending technology, Pano Direct, simplifies a very complex desktop computing environment by virtually stretching the I/O connection over the network, enabling the desktop virtual machine to deliver a native Windows desktop, eliminating the need for costly, failure-prone protocols. 

  • Radical centralization using the Pano Logic zero client platform drastically reduces computing TCO by as much as 80 percent by completely eliminating endpoint management and security risks, and reducing energy consumption by as much as 95 percent. As a result, companies adopting it can tackle both budgetary and green IT initiatives.

  • The Pano zero client platform delivers on the promise of cloud computing by opening the way for a PC-like user experience on endpoints that are completely independent of processor architectures, protocol limitations, and unmanageable software stacks.

The Pano System is a complete end-to end virtual desktop solution which includes the Pano Manager, a virtual machine manager and connection broker, the unique Pano Device zero client endpoint hardware, and Pano Direct, providing the connection to completely centralized virtual desktops. The Pano System starts a $319 per seat and is also available in a pre-configured, pre-loaded all-in 50-user suite, Pano Express, combining VMware vSphere™ Essentials, Microsoft Windows 7/XP licenses, and HP server and storage hardware with Pano Logic's award-winning zero client platform.

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Pano Logic is the leader in Zero Client Desktop Computing. Pano Logic's all-in-one hardware and software solution redefines the delivery and management of end user computing by radically centralizing desktop management. The Pano Logic zero client platform is a complete end-to-end solution purpose-built for desktop virtualization, simplifying the complexity and management of virtual desktops and slashing TCO by as much as 80 percent. The patent-pending Pano Direct technology eliminates the need for costly processing power at the endpoint, making it possible to have an endpoint device that contains NO processor, NO operating system, NO memory, NO drivers, NO firmware, NO software, NOR any moving parts, completely eliminating endpoint management and security breaches. The Pano Device uses less energy than a light bulb, or 97 percent less than a PC, drastically reducing energy costs for organizations and companies worldwide. To learn more, visit

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