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October 01, 2013 10:00 ET

ViroCyt Launches Rapid Virus Cleanup System: ViroPrep® Plus

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Oct 1, 2013) - ViroCyt, LLC, the leader in rapid virus quantification, disclosed today availability of ViroPrep® Plus, a new product developed specifically for the purification of viruses from both egg- and cell-based systems. Quantification of viruses has been and continues to be a major chokepoint in a variety of different settings. These include: viral vaccine research, development and manufacturing; creating therapeutic proteins and new vaccine modalities using baculovirus-based expression systems; determining the potency of antivirals; and generating viruses engineered to treat diseases such as cancer.

Time-tested approaches, such as plaque titer, tissue culture infective dose, electron microscopy and quantitative PCR, all provide insight into the nature of a given virus sample. Unfortunately, each has notable limitations, ranging from cost, time to result, technical complexity, and variability. Many of these issues are at least partly the result of directly quantifying crude samples or delays caused by time-consuming and labor-intensive purification protocols. ViroPrep® Plus is a spin column-based clean-up method developed specifically for this purpose. The system is simple-to-use, allows parallel processing of up to 12 samples in less than 1 hour, and demonstrates excellent reproducibility and recovery.

According to Robert Kline, President and CEO of ViroCyt, LLC, "We identified a clear and immediate need for a quick, straightforward system for removing background components such as protein, nucleic acid and cell debris, leaving a purified virus sample ready for immediate analysis. The resulting ViroPrep® Plus product directly addresses the demand we saw in the marketplace."

Added Peter Pushko, President of Medigen, Incorporated, "We were fortunate enough to beta-test the ViroPrep Plus system, using it to purify influenza from allantoic fluid, which is arguably one of the most complex and challenging environments to isolate viruses from. We found the product to be very easy to use, taking less than an hour. The kit eliminates background from the samples to almost undetectable levels, and we observed only small loss of virus particles."

About ViroCyt

ViroCyt, LLC was created with the goal of bringing game-changing solutions to the Life Science industry. Our primary focus is replacing outdated technologies that slow down the pace of virus-related research and product development. Additional information on ViroPrep Plus can be found here.

About Medigen
Medigen, Incorporated is a biomedical company specializing in the development of safe and effective vaccines against emerging infectious diseases and cancer using novel technologies such as virus-like particles and genetic vectors. The company is also working to create new approaches for vaccine delivery leading to improved immunization. To learn more about Medigen, go to

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