February 12, 2009 10:00 ET

VIRTERA's New Environmentally Responsible eDisposal Service Helps Organizations Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiencies

Enters Into On-Going Agreement With TechTurn for End-to-End Lifecycle Management of e-Waste

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 12, 2009) - VIRTERA, a leading virtualization professional services and consulting firm, announced today that it has introduced a new eDisposal Service to provide end-to-end lifecycle management of electronic waste. As part of its service delivery, VIRTERA has entered into an agreement with TechTurn, Austin, Texas, a trusted leader in used technology recovery, rebuilding and remarketing.

Electronic waste is becoming a serious global issue due to the increasing volume of technology assets being discarded and the challenges of safely disposing of lead, mercury, cadmium and other hazardous materials contained in computer equipment. The U.S. Government Accountability Office estimates that 100 million TVs, computers, and monitors are discarded annually and according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as many as 500 million personal computers became obsolete and entered the municipal solid waste stream between 2000 and 2007.

As companies leverage VIRTERA's virtualization and consolidation services, the disposal of legacy equipment such as servers, desktop computers, laptops, and printers becomes necessary. With this new service, VIRTERA will work with clients to understand the challenges and scope of any necessary equipment disposal and determine which assets are to be reused or recycled. The service also covers the packaging of assets, transportation to recycling centers, and tracking individual assets by serial number through the disposal process. VIRTERA will also verify that data on any assets are wiped according to U.S. Department of Defense standards. If required, VIRTERA will provide certification for any disposal of assets or data destruction.

"Virtualization helps clients achieve cost savings and efficiencies, but to achieve these benefits they need to responsibly dispose of their legacy assets," said Howard Pavony, CEO of VIRTERA. "We have developed a process with complete accountability and moving forward, we are committed to handling any waste as a result of our services in an environmentally responsible manner."

As part of virtualization and consolidation initiatives, some discarded technology assets still have inherent value. Working with TechTurn, VIRTERA will reimburse clients based on current market values. In some cases this can offset the cost of responsible disposition or provide positive cash flow.

VIRTERA is also practicing internally what it preaches to clients externally. Employees are encouraged to bring in their old, obsolete cell phones, laptops, and computer equipment for responsible disposal or recycling. Any funds VIRTERA receives from this equipment will be donated to charity. The company has also made a commitment to purchase only EPEAT Gold certified laptops moving forward. EPEAT is a system to help purchasers in the public and private sectors evaluate, compare and select desktop computers, notebooks and monitors based on their environmental attributes.

"From its inception, VIRTERA has felt very strongly about the importance of delivering responsible green IT solutions," said Lucian Lipinsky de Orlov, director of business strategy and solutions at VIRTERA. "After a thorough review of the marketplace, we selected TechTurn as our partner of choice and look forward to helping our clients to dispose of their e-waste responsibly."

VIRTERA's eDisposal Service is offered as a stand-alone service, but the company expects most clients to request it as part of virtualization and consolidation initiatives.

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TechTurn is the trusted industry leader for technology recovery, refurbishing and remarketing. Through its world-class facilities and processes, TechTurn provides the foundation for sustainable technology, providing companies with an economically smart, environmentally friendly and risk-free method for the recycling and reselling of used technology. Since 1999, TechTurn has been the preferred take-back partner for 300 of the Fortune 500 and the top four computer manufacturers. These leading organizations provide TechTurn with a non-stop supply of high-quality, high-value technology systems and components that, after testing and certification, are remarketed to customers worldwide. By extending the life of these products, TechTurn is able to enrich the lives of millions of people worldwide while also helping to significantly reduce the amount of e-waste that is filling landfills and polluting the environment. For more information, visit


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