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July 17, 2013 09:07 ET

Virtual Dog Kicks Off Its Campaign

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - July 17, 2013) - Virtual Dog calls on the community to bring to market the first ever anti intrusion sound-activated, wireless barking dog patented security system.

Leo Ralph knew something was wrong when he arrived home one winter's night. After closing the front door, a chilly draft continued to blow through the house. Leo's home had been burglarized. When police arrived they told him he had very little chance of getting his possessions back. While looking for protection, a friend told Leo "You should have had a dog," but that wasn't an option.

Then Leo had an idea.

Virtual Dog is pleased to announce the launch of its funding campaign to bring to market the first-ever anti-intrusion sound-activated, wireless barking dog security system.

Designed to deter intruders instantly before they attempt to break into your home, causing damage and feelings of violation and victimization, the Virtual Dog system activates when intruders knock, ring a doorbell or break a window. The system plays realistic barking dogs to repel intruders.

"The break-in was very traumatic and I wanted to prevent it from happening again. After my friend told me I should have had a dog, I got the idea for Virtual Dog and was surprised to learn that there was nothing like sound activation on the market," says Leo.

Virtual Dog features a custom-designed and engineered sound reproduction system to realistically reproduce barking from 12 different dog breeds.

In addition to its sound activation patent, Virtual Dog Inc. has a patent pending on its wireless technology, which makes the entire system easy to install and operate within minutes.

"Originally, we wondered how effective barking dogs are at repelling burglars," says Leo, "but when I did the research and saw the data I knew there is a huge market for Virtual Dog."

Among the statistics and information that convinced Leo to develop Virtual Dog:

  • A burglary is committed every 10 seconds in North America
  • 94% of all break-ins occur on the ground level of homes
  • 15% of homes in North America have some sort of burglar prevention
  • In 41% of alarmed homes that were burglarized, the alarm was NOT turned on
  • Favorite hours are 9:30 am - 4:00 pm - when you're at work and your kids are at school
  • In the majority of burglaries, the perpetrator will knock or ring the doorbell first to see if anyone is home
  • Fear for their own safety, arousing homeowners and alerting neighbors or other dogs usually causes burglars to leave within seconds of hearing a dog barking
  • Statistics show that a dog barking is the most effective deterrent to a burglar

"One of the goals when we developed Virtual Dog was to keep it simple," says Leo. "Unlike monitoring systems, there's no monthly fees, no codes and it can be turned on and off at the press of a button or by remote control to activate or delay the system."

In addition to the 12 different barking dog selections, Virtual Dog features include:

  • Fast, easy do-it-yourself installation
  • Operates with AC or battery back-up to be totally wireless
  • The system is expandable to cover every entry point on the premises
  • Fully functional during power outages
  • An effective anti-intrusion system for homes, businesses, cottages, RVs, etc.

Now, after many years of self-funded research, development, testing and refinement; and the building of a professional and reliable North American network for production, assembly, warehousing and distribution, Virtual Dog is ready for market, and a boost from the community will get it there.

And, if the early reviews from potential customers are an indicator, Virtual Dog is a winner. Patti S. Leonhardt of El Paso, Texas, is typical: "I'm so excited about this product. I'm so tired of false alarms from my current alarm company and monthly fees. Can't wait for this product to come out", said Leonhardt.

" is well known for supporting independent, creative and unique products that offer real value. Virtual Dog is all that and more," says Leo Ralph. "Help us help you protect your home and loved ones."

About Virtual Dog Inc.

Virtual Dog the first anti intrusion sound-activated, wireless barking dog sound security system. Founded in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, Virtual Dog is the brainchild of Leo Ralph, an innovative product developer with a solid business background. Selected North American suppliers provide several sources to insure our procurement can continue through our supply chains at optimal costs. Manufactured and assembled in North America, Virtual Dog is dedicated to exceeding international manufacturing quality standards and providing fast, effective service to its customers while supporting a North American workforce.

Remember: your home is never alone with Virtual Dog.

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