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September 14, 2011 10:00 ET

Virtual Hold Multi-Channel Toolkit Increases Customer Satisfaction

Toolkit Connects Contact Center to Customers via Smartphones and Social Networking Websites

AKRON, OH--(Marketwire - Sep 14, 2011) - Customers using communications channels other than the traditional telephone -- such as smartphone applications, websites and social networking sites -- often run into trouble when they need to actually speak with someone. The new Multi-Channel Platform Toolkit from Virtual Hold Technology® (VHT®) makes it simple for companies to solve this problem by integrating these newer channels with the contact center to ensure better experiences for customers and to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. With the toolkit, customers can see the wait time in the queue and request a callback from the contact center directly from a company's mobile application, website or social networking site, rather than calling in, navigating an IVR and waiting on hold.

"With the emergence of new communication channels, customers expect immediacy and convenience," says VHT Product Manager Robert Brazier. "They rightfully expect to operate on their own terms, and that means communicating the way they prefer whether that's through an iPhone app or on Facebook."

Often getting these customers from other communications channels to the contact center representatives who can help solve problems is cumbersome. Customers waste time calling a customer support number, repeating information they already entered online, waiting on hold and feeling like they're dealing with a disjointed organization.

"Companies are realizing that their IVR is no longer their only front door. If customers need to speak with a company rep, they need to know how long they should expect to wait and have options other than listening to hold music -- we can't expect them to pick up the phone and call when they've already started interacting with the business on the web or in an app," Brazier said. "We need to stop penalizing customers for picking one channel over another. Some tasks require agent involvement, and no matter which channel the customer started interacting in, we need to make sure they can transition seamlessly to the voice channel when agent help is required."

The Multi-Channel Platform Toolkit works with a company's existing strategies to create a consistent, positive customer experience by leveraging virtual queuing technology. Virtual queuing eliminates the frustration and waste of hold time for customers by allowing them to request a return call, rather than waiting on hold. The toolkit gives companies all of the tools they need to extend these features to mobile, social and web applications. Companies can empower their customers to check hold times in the contact center, request customer service and schedule return calls at a specific time or at the first available opportunity.

Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank, was one of the first to begin integrating Virtual Hold features into their mobile applications. Founded in 1921, the bank has a network of branches worldwide and offers an extensive range of commercial banking and financial services to its customers. In early 2011, after introducing its mobile applications, the bank expanded its iPhone customer service application to include the Virtual Hold option.

Other companies extending Virtual Hold features to the web include Nationwide, Nike and CPS Energy. The Multi-Channel Platform Toolkit is part of the latest Virtual Hold software suite. For more information, visit

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