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June 04, 2007 13:45 ET

Virtual Iron Releases Version 3.7 With Support for Logical Disks

For the First Time, Users of Server Virtualization Get All the Performance of Raw SAN Storage With the Flexibility of Virtual Disk Storage

LOWELL, MA--(Marketwire - June 4, 2007) - Virtual Iron Software (, a provider of enterprise-class server virtualization and virtual infrastructure management software, today announced the general availability of Version 3.7 of its platform. With Virtual Iron's support for logical disks, users of server virtualization can now take advantage of all the performance and scalability benefits of raw SAN storage with the optimal flexibility and ease of use of virtual disk storage. As a result, users can consolidate storage and move it around easily as they migrate workloads from one server to another using Virtual Iron's virtual infrastructure management capabilities.

Logical disks have been used for some time in the physical world, but Virtual Iron is the first to offer this capability in a virtual infrastructure environment. With Virtual Iron 3.7, users can now configure their virtual servers to access two types of disks:

--  Logical disks -- High-performance disks that can be assigned to one or
    more virtual servers. The size can be smaller than the underlying physical
    disk, allowing the underlying disk to be partitioned amongst multiple
    virtual servers. They can be supported on Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and local
--  Raw SAN disks -- Offer the best performance. They are used when one or
    more virtual servers use one entire physical LUN.
Virtual Iron's Virtualization Manager presents a unified framework for controlling local or SAN disks that are accessible to managed nodes and their virtual servers. In this framework, users create one or more disk groups, and sub-divide them into one or more logical disks. Logical disks have additional utility in that they can be copied (cloned) and exported into Microsoft VHD files for use by different virtual servers. Neither of these capabilities is available in the management of raw SAN disks.

Overlaying a storage framework on available physical storage has distinct advantages. Virtual storage created on physical LUNs can be administered from the Virtual Iron Virtualization Manager. Following initial information exchange with the SAN administrator, the Virtualization Manager administrator can use this framework to configure and manage logical disks on the SAN.

With logical disk support, Virtual Iron adds to its already comprehensive virtualization and management platform. The software provides production-ready server virtualization and virtual infrastructure management capabilities for unmodified Windows and Linux at one-fifth the cost of comparable alternatives. The platform combines an open source hypervisor with advanced virtualization services and sophisticated policy-based management. Virtual Iron enables users to take full advantage of new hardware-assisted virtualization (Intel VT and AMD-V) on servers to deliver near native performance. The software also offers other enterprise-class capabilities such as large memory support (up to 96 GB), large SMP capabilities (up to 8 CPUs) and the ability to virtualize server platforms with up to 32 physical CPUs. Unlike other virtualization solutions, Virtual Iron requires no installation or management of software on physical servers, further simplifying installation and data center operations.

"Virtual Iron continues to reduce the cost and complexity of enterprise-class virtualization and management," said Mike Grandinetti, chief marketing officer at Virtual Iron Software. "With logical disks, server virtualization users can now consolidate storage and move it around easily as they migrate workloads from one server to another. This adds tremendous flexibility and performance to the management of their virtual infrastructure."

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Virtual Iron provides enterprise-class software for server virtualization and virtual infrastructure management at one-fifth the cost of comparable alternatives. Its solutions enable companies to dramatically reduce the complexity and cost of managing and operating their data center. Virtual Iron delivers advanced virtualization capabilities that exploit industry standards, open source economics and built-in hardware-assisted acceleration. It is available for free download at Organizations use Virtual Iron for server consolidation, rapid provisioning, business continuity, capacity management and virtual desktop infrastructure to deliver significant improvements in utilization, manageability and agility. The company is privately held and based in Lowell, Massachusetts. For more information, visit or email

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