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September 14, 2009 10:18 ET

Virtual Pharma Rep™ Launches New Virtual Sales Product for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Virtual Pharma Rep™ Revolutionizes the Pharmaceutical Industry by Leading the Paradigm Shift to Virtual Sales

PLAINFIELD, IL--(Marketwire - September 14, 2009) - Virtual Pharma Rep™, a new company built by pharmaceutical industry veterans, today announced their launch to market. Virtual Pharma Rep™ delivers a patent pending, virtual sales process that revolutionizes expensive pharmaceutical sales.

Sales and marketing are traditionally among the largest expenditures for pharmaceutical companies. Virtual Pharma Rep™ leverages technology to deliver virtual messages through virtual spokespeople targeted sales audiences, thus significantly decreasing the expenses accrued by pharmaceutical sales teams, while also making sales teams more efficient and able to reach more customers in less time.

Virtual Pharma Rep™ is a more efficient sales process as well. Messages are consumed on demand at the convenience of the end user -- whether it be a doctor, pharmacist or patient -- with a call to action that will provide further education or samples. Physicians will no longer be required to make room in their schedules to listen to lengthy sales calls. Instead, they now log on at their convenience, and interact with their virtual representative, who acts as a partner, and is viewed as a resource, problem solver and consultant; all done in a knowledgeable, non-threatening and professional environment.

Physicians and pharmacies alike will find Virtual Pharma Rep™ most useful in promoting compliance. Patients use the unique Virtual Pharma Rep™ educational programs to increase disease management knowledge, and therefore become more willing to maintain their appropriate medication compliance structure, thus driving down healthcare costs. Such messages will also assist pharmacies with customer loyalty and retention rates.

To meet the heavy demands for curriculum and educational needs within the pharmaceutical industry, Virtual Pharma Rep™ also allows users to build custom websites that push or link curriculum and content. This helps meet the needs of the consumer, physician, pharmacist and patient and accelerates the progression of continued medical education and other vital health care information.

"Virtual Pharma Rep™ was born out of a real need that I and co-founder David Knysak, M.D experienced. I have been in pharma sales for nearly 20 years, and David has been a physician on the other side for as many years," said Jim Rediehs, President of Virtual Pharma Rep™. "We both wanted a one stop solution that provided an effective and efficient sales and educational component for pharmaceutical sales. So we built one, Virtual Pharma Rep™. We are excited about this product, and expect Virtual Pharma Rep to revolutionize the entire pharmaceutical selling process."

Because the Virtual Pharma Rep process is electronic, it provides an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional sales process, and will truly enable its clients to "go green" by reducing their carbon footprints.

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About Virtual Pharma Rep™

Virtual Pharma Rep is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry by leading the paradigm shift to virtual sales support and service models that enhance or replace existing and expensive pharmaceutical marketing strategies. Led by a highly experienced team in the creation of future sales and growth strategies in pharmaceuticals, Virtual Pharma Rep's patent pending sales process shares a cost reduction within the pharmaceutical industry, by streamlining existing sales and marketing strategies. In addition, thanks to VPR's disease awareness, management and compliance processes, VPR assists with overall long-term healthcare cost reductions in the form of fewer doctor's office visits and hospitalizations. For more information please visit

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