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September 30, 2009 13:10 ET

Virtual Pharma Rep™ Offers Non-Policy Solution for Lower Drug Prices in Reaction to Senate Finance Committee's Rejection of Bid to Cut Drug Prices for Low Income Seniors

Virtual Pharma Rep™ Offers Immediate Solution for Pharmas to Provide Drugs to Low Income Seniors That Does Not Require Policy Change

PLAINFIELD, IL--(Marketwire - September 30, 2009) - Virtual Pharma Rep™, a new company built by pharmaceutical industry veterans, today announced they have an immediate solution that would lower drug costs for low income seniors. This is in reaction to the Senate Finance's rejection of last week's bid to cut the drug prices for low income seniors, a move that would have cost pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars.

However, according to Virtual Pharma Rep, high drug prices for low income seniors are a serious and crucial concern in the current debates on healthcare reform. And, it is not hard to see the pharmaceuticals' side on this either. If drugs costs are lowered to a point that it takes away billions of dollars from the pharmaceutical bottom lines, this will affect budgets for research that find cures and treatments.

Therefore, Virtual Pharma Rep believes a different solution should be found, and has offered an effective answer. Virtual Pharma Rep provides a virtual sales force to pharma companies. It is a patent pending technology that allows pharmas to shift their sales and service to virtual models that enhance or replace existing and expensive pharmaceutical marketing strategies.

Since sales and marketing are traditionally among the largest expenditures for pharmaceutical companies, Virtual Pharma Rep will help the pharmas cut tens of millions of dollars from their marketing and sales budgets, freeing up this money which can then go to assist low income seniors through programs sponsored not by government and Medicare, but through the pharmaceutical companies themselves. This does not require policy change, it can be implemented quickly, and the results can be realized immediately.

"Virtual Pharma Rep offers a solution, in the ongoing debate concerning healthcare and high drug prices, that can save immediate money in the areas of sales and marketing; this money can be freed up to create programs at the pharmaceutical companies themselves that offer drugs at reduced costs to low income seniors," said Jim Rediehs, President of Virtual Pharma Rep. "We are very concerned that low income seniors will not have the necessary medication they need due to high prices; this is a very real problem in our country. We urge the pharmaceutical representatives to reach out to us so that together we can drive real, non-policy solutions to lower drug prices."

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Virtual Pharma Rep is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry by leading the paradigm shift to virtual sales support and service models that enhance or replace existing and expensive pharmaceutical marketing strategies. Led by a highly experienced team in the creation of future sales and growth strategies in pharmaceuticals, Virtual Pharma Rep's patent pending sales process shares a cost reduction within the pharmaceutical industry, by streamlining existing sales and marketing strategies. In addition, thanks to VPR's disease awareness, management and compliance processes, VPR assists with overall long-term healthcare cost reductions in the form of fewer doctor's office visits and hospitalizations. For more information please visit

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