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September 04, 2007 08:01 ET

Virtugo Software Launches First Integrated Platform for Managing VMware Environments

virtualSuite r6 Is Designed to Link IT Services to Business Processes While Optimizing Resource Use and Reducing Virtual Sprawl

BEAVERTON, OR--(Marketwire - September 4, 2007) - Virtugo Software, a leading provider of software products that manage solutions for virtualization platforms, today announced the availability of virtualSuite r6, the most comprehensive and cost-effective integrated management platform for virtualized server and desktop environments. Designed to link IT services to business processes and reduce server and virtual machine sprawl, virtualSuite r6 combines the company's proven data-center-ready products into one integrated management platform to improve upon new and existing VMware environments while helping data center managers increase platform utilization and align available resources with system demand.

"As more and more organizations move virtualization technologies out of development and test environments and into real world production, even more emphasis needs to be placed on manageability," said John Humphreys, VP IDC Enterprise Virtualization Software. "Forward-leaning organizations are looking to unify the management of both virtual and physical environments in a common management framework so they have visibility and control of the entire IT stack. Not only will this help reduce the sprawl of management tools, it can help customers save time and money while increasing infrastructure service levels."

Virtugo's comprehensive suite of products extends the power and benefits of a virtualized environment with advanced sensor technology that helps maximize virtual machine resources. As a result, data center professionals can monitor and control thousands of virtual machines and hosts, optimize performance to meet service level agreements and plan capacity to ensure high availability from a single console. Products integrated into Virtugo's virtualSuite r6 include:

--  Virtugo Perform™ delivers a performance management tool
    specifically designed for IT organizations to discover and monitor
    virtualized environment vital statistics. Perform incorporates host server
    and virtual machine knowledge to show real-time variables such as CPU,
    memory and disk usage within a comprehensive user interface. Graphs and
    charts make the data easy to understand.
--  Virtugo Optimize™ automatically tunes the virtual environment to
    enhance application performance. By dynamically adjusting CPU, memory and
    disk resource allocations in real-time, the virtual environment can handle
    more work while decreasing application response time. Optimize was designed
    to maximize utilization and increase productivity of existing systems,
    enabling companies to dynamically manage workloads and ensure business
    priorities are met.
--  Virtugo Capacity™ allows IT administrators to monitor and document
    vital statistics about a company's virtualized environment. It tracks a
    comprehensive set of host server and virtual machine metrics, stores them
    in a database and generates reports that identifies bottleneck and trends.
    These capabilities enable the IT administrator to plan the right amount of
    virtualization capacity to meet current and future demands of the
--  Virtugo Meter™ provides utilization measures for tracking resource
    use within physical and virtualized environments. This allows businesses to
    allocate costs, validate intended usage levels and perform accurate
--  Virtugo VDI™ is a comprehensive solution that manages, supports,
    and configures physical and virtual desktops in a single easy-to-use
    console, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership for virtualization
    desktop infrastructures.  Administrators can now take a proactive,
    centralized approach to Virtual Desktop Infrastructures and deploy
    necessary software applications, patches and critical updates. virtualSuite
    VDI  enables automated asset discovery, audits and reporting for hardware
    and software configurations in virtual and physical environments.

"With the introduction of virtualSuite r6, we are extending our commitment to supporting next-generation virtualization infrastructure software by delivering the most comprehensive management suite of products that can accurately track, configure, control, and optimize heterogeneous virtual environments," said Chris Dickson, VP of marketing, Virtugo Software. "By bundling our products together, and extending support for other virtualization platforms like XenSource, we believe we have created a powerful, convenient, and cost effective way for companies to manage virtualization within their data centers, while still optimizing resource use, and delivering higher savings for companies."

Pricing and Availability

virtualSuite r6 is available immediately with pricing starting at $349 per CPU socket. The price includes one year of support and upgrades. Enterprise licensing is also available. For more information about virtualSuite r6 or to download the product, please visit

About Virtugo Software

Virtugo Software, based in Beaverton, Oregon, is the leading provider of software technologies for the virtual computing platform. The company's products enable on-demand or utility-style computing utilizing server virtualization technology, while increasing hardware utilization to better enable decision making, performance measurement, capacity planning, resource optimization and usage metering.

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