May 04, 2011 09:30 ET

VirtuOz Announces Availability of Spring'11 Release

Delivery of Best Practices for Virtual Agent Deployment and Optimization Ensure Rapid Implementations and Continuous Improvement of Agent Performance

EMERYVILLE, CA--(Marketwire - May 4, 2011) - VirtuOz, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent virtual agents for online customer service and support, announced the availability of its Spring´11 release. VirtuOz' latest release delivers best practices across intelligent virtual agent development, deployment, and optimization to ensure VirtuOz clients deliver a world class intelligent virtual agent service channel to their end-users. In addition, the release introduces VirtuOz Virtual Agent Optimization, an on-going monthly service delivered by VirtuOz domain experts who monitor and continuously improve virtual agent performance as a business changes.

"At VirtuOz, by investing in both the technology and our delivery capability, we ensure that customers can rapidly deploy a virtual agent, optimize its initial effectiveness in customer communications, and then steadily improve its performance over time," said Steve Adams, president and CEO of VirtuOz. "Virtual agents have historically suffered from poor implementations and expensive custom software development, minimizing their effectiveness and simply taking too much time and money to deploy. Now, however, virtual agents are predicted to become the new standard for digital customer interaction within the next two to four years. That's only possible through rapid, scalable implementations that deliver immediate value. Our Spring´11 release invests heavily in our managed services to ensure that our clients realize the ROI and operational benefits of high-performing virtual agents from the first day they are launched on the website throughout the agent's life."

Based upon best practices developed and optimized on the strategic websites of Global 2000 companies, the Spring´11 release includes:

  • Advances in VirtuOz' patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, expanding multilingual, industry and customer dictionaries. New and existing clients will benefit from faster agent development, simplified expansion of agents into multiple languages, and seamless expansion of agent conversational abilities as their business expands.
  • Online tool enhancements for best practices in content authoring and agent replication.
  • Virtual Agent Optimization (VAO), a new monthly service, provides ongoing ROI and operational KPI measurements and recommendations for continuous agent improvement. Product enhancements in support of VAO include:
    • A new decision tree performance dashboard and an improved topics report with filtering capabilities for faster analysis of agent performance.
    • Workflow process improvements for efficiently managing and tracking content changes.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing is based on an annual subscription model and determined by the number of conversations processed annually. Annual subscriptions include SaaS subscription as well as monthly Virtual Agent Optimization services to ensure a continuously high performing intelligent virtual agent. VirtuOz Spring´11 release is available now.

About VirtuOz
VirtuOz is the leader in Digital Customer Relationships, enabling large and mid-market enterprises to use Intelligent Virtual Agents to provide world-class online customer and technical support. Intelligent virtual agents offer companies a new channel for contemporary online customer service that delivers the best possible customer experience at one-tenth the cost of traditional channels. VirtuOz solutions combine best-in-class virtual agent solutions with best practices across agent development, deployment, and optimization to deliver predictable and measurable results. Intelligent virtual agents are predicted to become the new standard for customer interaction in the next few years. VirtuOz leads the market for successful use of intelligent virtual agents having processed over 144 million conversations on behalf of our customers in 2010, and with the largest number of live enterprise agents for Global 2000 companies including eBay, SFR, H&R Block and L'Oreal. More information about VirtuOz can be found at

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