December 16, 2009 09:37 ET

VirtuOz Enables Enterprises to Get Closer to Customers With Latest Release

Extends Virtual Agent Solution With Live Chat Integration, iPhone Support and Rich Analytics

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 16, 2009) - VirtuOz today released version 5.1 of its leading enterprise virtual agent solution. This new version further extends the functionality and capabilities of VirtuOz for enterprises.

"The VirtuOz virtual agent solution provides value to businesses by intelligently automating interactions with their customers," said Alexandre Lebrun, co-founder and CEO, VirtuOz. "With this latest version, we wanted to enable companies to bring that value even closer to their customers."

This latest version of VirtuOz will increase the value companies using virtual agents can provide to their customers. It was specifically designed for enterprises that are creating integrated multi-channel marketing strategies. The release centers around three key areas of functionality: integrating VirtuOz virtual agents with live chat, an iPhone development kit, and more powerful analytics support.

Integration between VirtuOz virtual agents and live chat

VirtuOz 5.1 provides out-of-the-box integration with live chat solutions from a variety of live chat providers. Virtual agents successfully respond, on average, to 80% of customer requests. With this new integration, when a virtual agent must escalate a customer to a human agent, the latest version of VirtuOz allows them to be seamlessly passed to a live chat agent within the same chat window as the virtual agent. Ensuring continuity, the VirtuOz virtual agent passes the user to a human agent along with some or all of the previous conversation. This means customers don't have to re-enter any information and support personnel can more rapidly solve problems and answer questions. Recently tested in Australia by a large e-commerce company, the VirtuOz live chat integration was able to increase support personnel productivity by 40%.

VirtuOz iPhone development kit

Version 5.1 of the VirtuOz solution now offers a development kit so customers can easily integrate virtual agents into their applications for the Apple iPhone. This gives customers the unprecedented ability to receive support wherever they go, and companies can reach out to their customers in new ways. Virtual agent support on the iPhone enables enterprises to provide a consistent experience to users on the web and iPhones. Whether looking for sales assistance or customer support, users can engage with the same virtual agent across multiple channels. This makes it easier for customers to get assistance and reinforces the brand of organizations using virtual agents.

More powerful analytics

The latest release of the VirtuOz analytics application provides real-time visibility into the activity occurring between users and the VirtuOz virtual agents to help enterprises gain unrivaled insight into the "voice of the customer." The application can now dynamically categorize conversations, which will make enterprises aware of trends occurring in their business directly from the perspective of their customers. As one of the foundation applications of the VirtuOz solution, the analytics provides rich information so businesses can improve the effectiveness of their virtual agents, as well as the overall performance of their website and the ROI of the VirtuOz system.

"Support for live-chat, mobile phones and deeper analytics all help companies get closer to customers and better understand their needs," said Lebrun. "This latest release truly aligns with our customer's consistent multi-channel strategies."

About VirtuOz

VirtuOz was founded in 2002 and offers next generation advanced computing and linguistic virtual agent solutions that enable enterprises to resolve their customers' issues in an automated fashion. This results in not only a superior user experience and greater customer satisfaction, but it also reduces the number of issues submitted to a company's support/sales staff. Now with over 35 clients worldwide, such as eBay, SFR, L'Oreal, and PayPal, VirtuOz is the leading provider of virtual agents for the Fortune 2000.

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