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Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

May 16, 2011 13:00 ET

Vishay Intertechnology Announces 'Super 12' Featured Products for 2011

Innovative Components Offer Industry-Leading Specs for a Variety of Applications

MALVERN, PA--(Marketwire - May 16, 2011) - Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today announced its "Super 12" featured products for 2011. The lineup of components features industry-leading specs, such as on-resistance, on-resistance times gate charge figures of merit (FOM), temperature range, and current ratings. These innovative products, showcased at, are ideal for use in several key applications and provide a cross-section of Vishay's very broad product portfolio.

The Super 12 products for 2011 are:

  • 146 CTI SMD Chip Polarized Aluminum Capacitor - For automotive applications, the AEC-Q200-qualifed 146 CTI capacitor combines high-temperature performance to + 125 °C, very low ESR down to 0.035 Ω, and a long useful life to 6,000 hours at + 125 °C. The device is offered in eight case sizes ranging from 10 mm by 10 mm to 18 mm by 21 mm.
  • SiR662DP 60 V N-Channel Power MOSFET - The SiR662DP offers the industry's lowest on-resistance and on-resistance times gate charge FOM for 60 V devices in the PowerPAK® SO-8 type package. The device's 3.5 mΩ on-resistance at 4.5 V is 27 % lower than the closest competing device, while its FOM of 105 mΩ-nC at 4.5 V is 57 % lower.
  • IHLP®-6767GZ-51 Power Inductor - The IHLP-6767GZ-51 offers the highest combination of temperature range (to + 155 °C) and current ratings of any surface-mount power inductor on the market. The device features a frequency range up to 750 kHz, typical DCR down to 0.89 mΩ, and inductance down to 0.47 µH.
  • 45 V TMBS® Trench MOS Barrier Schottky Rectifiers - Vishay's 45 V TMBS rectifiers are available in a very low-profile package with a typical height of 1.1 mm, in addition to P600 axial and power TO-220AB, ITO-220AB, TO-262AA, and TO263AB packages. The devices combine low forward voltage drop down to 0.39 V at 15 A and + 125 °C with a high + 150 °C maximum operating junction temperature.
  • ACAS AT Thin Film Chip Resistor Arrays - Vishay's AEC-Q200-qualified ACAS AT resistor arrays offer precision matched resistors in one package for voltage divider and feedback circuits. The devices provide a high power rating (P70) of 125 mW per resistor, super moisture resistivity of < 0.5 % (85 °C; 85 % RH; 56 days), and TCR tracking down to 10 ppm/K (± 5 ppm/K).
  • VCNL4000 Fully Integrated Proximity/Ambient Light Sensor - The VCNL4000 is the industry's first proximity and ambient light optical sensor to combine an IR emitter, photo-pin-diode, ambient light detector, signal processing IC, and a 16-bit ADC in one small 3.95 mm x 3.95 mm x 0.75 mm leadless (LLP), surface-mount package. The space-saving device supports an easy-to-use I2C bus communication interface and greatly simplifies designs in a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications.
  • NTC Mini Lug Sensor - Vishay's Mini Lug NTC sensors feature the industry's smallest mounting space of 65 mm2 / 0.1 in2, and short response time of < 4 s to provide fast and accurate measurements over a wide temperature range from - 40 °C to + 125 °C.
  • DG9454 Triple SPDT (2:1 Multiplexer) - Optimized for 3D shutter glasses, the DG9454 guarantees 1.8 V logic compatibility over an operational voltage range from 2.7 V to 12 V at V+ and 2.5 V to + 5.5 at VL, and features low power consumption down to < 1 µA to enhance battery life greatly.
  • TP3 TANTAMOUNT®Molded Case SMD Capacitor - The automotive-grade TP3 features a robust construction and low ESR for engine controls and safety systems. 100 % surge current tested, the capacitor is available in the industry-standard A to E case sizes, and the new W case size for capacitance and voltage range expansion.
  • 600 V FRED Pt®Ultrafast Diodes - For DCM, CRM, and CCM PFC applications, Vishay's 600 V ultrafast diodes are offered in a variety of power packages and offer an operating junction temperature of + 175 °C for a more robust and cost-effective design. The devices feature extremely low leakage current, forward voltage ratings, and Qrr and Trr. The new "U" series has been specifically designed for ultrafast soft recovery time.
  • WSLP, WSLT, WSLS, and WSH Power Metal Strip®Resistors - Vishay's Power Metal Strip resistors offer enhanced power-handling and environmental performance for current sensing and pulse applications. The WSLT resistor features high-temperature performance to + 275 °C. The WSLP and WSH offer very high power to 1 W in the 1206 case size and 5 W in the 2818 case size, respectively. The WSLS offers improved stability of 0.25 % and 0.5 %.
  • SiZ730DT Asymmetric Dual Power MOSFET - Saving space and increasing performance, the SiZ730DT combines high- and low-side MOSFETs in one compact 6 mm by 3.7 mm PowerPAIR® package, which is one-third smaller than two discrete PowerPAK 1212-8 packages and two-thirds smaller than two discrete SO-8 packages. In addition, the device's asymmetric design provides a 30 % lower on-resistance than using a PowerPAK 1212-8 for the low-side MOSFET.

More information about Vishay's Super 12 products is available at

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