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Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

October 29, 2009 11:00 ET

Vishay Releases High-Speed SMD PIN Photodiodes in Clear Epoxy and Daylight Blocking Filtered Versions, and Ultra-Miniature SMD IR Receivers With Industry's Best Sensitivity-to-Size Ratio

MALVERN, PA--(Marketwire - October 29, 2009) - New optoelectronics products released this month by Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) include the VBPW34x and VBP104x series of high-speed SMD PIN photodiodes and the TSOP75xxxW series of ultra-miniature SMD infrared (IR) receivers.

Vishay's VBPW34x and VBP104x high-speed SMD PIN photodiodes feature gullwing and reverse gullwing packages in clear epoxy and daylight blocking filtered versions. The eight new devices are optimized for smoke detection, detectors in light barriers, and data transmission in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications.

The VBPW34FAS, VBPW34FASR, VBP104FAS, and VBP104FASR photodiodes feature a daylight blocking filter matched with IR emitters operating at a wavelength of 870 nm or 950 nm. The devices are optimized to detect IR signals in light barrier applications covering the range of 780 nm to 1050 nm, and offer a peak wavelength of 950 nm.

For high-speed photo detection, the VBPW34S, VBPW34SR, VBP104S, and VBP104SR clear epoxy devices are ideal for signal detection in the spectral range of 430 nm to 1100 nm, and offer a peak wavelength of 940 nm.

The VBPW34x series photodiodes feature a large optical sensitive area of 7.5 mm2 that provides a high output signal of 55 µA, while the VBP104x series devices offer a smaller optical sensitive area of 4.4 mm2 that provides an output signal of 35 µA and 30 % lower capacitance.

Link to product datasheets: (VBPW34S and VBPW34SR) (VBPW34FAS and VBPW34FASR) (VBP104FAS and VBP104FASR) (VBP104S and VBP104SR)

Vishay's TSOP75xxxW ultra-miniature SMD IR receivers for remote control systems are the industry's first such devices to feature two photodiodes, along with patented internal metal EMI shielding, inside an ultra-thin package with a 2.35-mm profile. The lens-less design of the devices results in the industry's best sensitivity-to-size ratio, with irradiance from 0.3 mW/sqm to 0.7 mW/sqm over a wide angle of +/- 75°.

The devices released today are offered in three automatic gain control (AGC) versions. The TSOP752xxW is compatible with all common IR remote control data formats. The TSOP753xxW and TSOP754xxW suppress almost all spurious pulses from energy-saving fluorescent lamps, including dimmed LCD backlighting, and are compatible with short-burst or long-burst codes, respectively.

The receivers are optimized for remote control and data transmission applications in small handheld electronics, such as notebook computers, digicams, and portable music and video players, as well as set-top boxes, thin LCD TVs, game controllers, navigation systems, and USB-TV.

Link to product datasheet: (TSOP752xxW and TSOP754xxW) (TSOP753xxW)

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