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December 17, 2014 14:58 ET

Visiomed Reveals Ebola Fighters Weapon of Choice: ThermoFlash®

Medical Grade Thermometer Measures Temperature Without Contact

PARIS, FRANCE--(Marketwired - Dec 17, 2014) - Dr. Francois Teboul understands what it means to fight Ebola. As the medical director at Visiomed (FR0011067669 - ALVMG) he proposes solutions and procedures to teams in West Africa that identify potential Ebola cases, slowing the spread of this highly contagious disease.

When working with a virus that is highly lethal and contagious, any margin of error can have devastating consequences. Accuracy and precision are essential when containing such a dangerous disease.

Enter ThermoFlash®
® is the first instant no-contact thermometer and the choice of medical professionals fighting Ebola in regions most affected by the virus. In this ground breaking application of infrared technology, ThermoFlash® takes the temperature of the temporal artery in less than one second without touching the patient, providing a precise reading, eliminating contamination risk, and reducing the need to disinfect the thermometer after each use.

The temporal artery read by ThermoFlash® is close to the skin and connected to vital organs like the heart and brain. The natural wave emitted by this artery is spread differently depending on ambient air quality. The new generation ThermoFlash® Evolution incorporates a probe that measures ambient air quality in real-time. The probe also takes into account clinical data with a newly patented system, MicrosecondFlash Technology. Even in hot and humid climates like sub-Saharan Africa ThermoFlash® is effective and reliable.

Since April, Visiomed has been sending ThermoFlash® thermometers to the WHO, the NGOS associated with the fight against Ebola, the local health authorities in Africa and the French companies with large staff in Africa. Just last week 6,500 devices were delivered to the OFDA / USAID for use in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Already an international reference, ThermoFlash® by Visiomed was first selected by NATO for use during the avian flu season.

Go further, with Visiomed's BewellConnect application
, French innovator in the health industry and creator of ThermoFlash®, has designed a new range of products under the brand BewellConnect. BewellConnect medical grade connected devices collect health information, centralize and compile data in a single app, and interpret the data all in real-time. BewellConnect users are empowered with easy access to their health information and can work with physicians, to increase patient engagement, through professional wellness programs created in the workforce, or individually, to monitor their health situation. Recognized for both precision and accuracy, BewellConnect devices are scientifically backed for health care use, while the user friendly interface makes BewellConnect attractive to general consumers.

With BewellConnect, the data obtained with ThermoFlash® can be recorded, stored and centralized on a smartphone or tablet. When fighting Ebola, this means support can be allocated to those in need in real-time.

"When protocol is respected, infrared technology provides accurate and precise temperature monitoring. Because instant communication is the first step towards instant action, we develop real-time solutions that are impactful even when resources are limited," shares Dr. Francois Teboul, Medical Director at Visiomed.

Proper use of ThermoFlash® by doctors, nurses, customs officers and volunteers is essential to guarantee accurate results while preventing product contamination and possible spreading of the virus. To ensure each medical professional working with ThermoFlash® maximizes this technology, Visiomed, creator of ThermoFlash®, provides training, answers questions and offers advice on how to operate the device and prevent false negatives.

Visiomed's entire BewellConnect range of connected products, including ThermoFlash®, will debut in the U.S. at the CES, January 6th-9th, Sands Expo booth 73332.

About Visiomed
Founded in 2007, Visiomed (FR0011067669 - ALVMG) has a strong history in medical grade devices. Based in Paris, the group recently launched BewellConnect and became the first medical device laboratory to incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT), connecting devices through a single easy-to-use app. With scientific credibility and well-recognized accuracy of the readings and analysis, BewellConnect devices are designed for medical use, wellness program, and smart-home environments. Visiomed is certified by Oseo Innovation and has been recognized with the Technology Fast 50 Deloitte Award and the Technology Fast 500 Deloitte Awards for the EMEA with 14,169% growth. In 2013 the company made a global turnover of $14 million.

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