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September 19, 2007 03:00 ET

Vision Media: Can We Blame the Moral Values of Religion?

Does the Root of Terrorism Lie in Religion and Ethical Issues -- or Somewhere Else?

PASADENA, CA--(Marketwire - September 19, 2007) - A very interesting recently released book examining the possible roots of terrorism, "Breeding Bin Ladens," has just been reviewed on the Vision website. Vision challenges readers to examine historical and philosophical issues, and this book takes a long look at historical origins.

It has been pointed out numerous times since 9/11 that the Muslim holy reference, the Koran, in common with the Christian Bible, makes no allowance for such unbridled violence as terrorism or the war on terror. Muslims are raised in an environment which fosters tolerance, love for family, culture and mankind as a whole. It would seem, then, that elements other than religion and ethical issues lie at the root of the problem.

While some consider that the hatred which produces such events as 9/11 is caused by religious and cultural clashes between East and West, author Zachary Shore points out that such hatred is bred rather than born, and is produced by influence rather than inheritance.

"We should examine the philosophical issues which have shaped our thinking in the last century," says Harun Yahya in a recent blog. (1) He points out that terrorism and the war on terror could well be the product of materialistic thinking. According to Darwin, the great materialist, there is a ruthless struggle for survival, and life is based on eternal conflict. Yahya suggests that this theory may be flawed and points out that it is contrary to the basic tenets of all the great religions. Did mankind not rise to supremacy in the animal kingdom because of his ability to band together and to learn to help each other?

The family structure in the Middle East sometimes includes multiple wives and many male children. Do these young boys learn at an early age that survival depends on a savage fight for supremacy?

When one examines the philosophical issue of materialism one has to also ask the question: "Who promotes and profits from war and terrorism?"

It would seem that improving the context in which young Muslims grow could be one factor necessary to resolve this conflict. After 9/11 a strong response was necessary. Now, six years later, we look at the causes of terror and seek to understand the moral values, the hidden influences and the historical origins. We strive to resolve the conflict by improving the context in which people live in the Middle East, in America, in Europe, in Africa and all over the world.

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