SOURCE: Vision Solutions

November 15, 2007 10:22 ET

Vision Solutions Supports IBM's AIX 6 Operating System

Newly Enhanced EchoStream and HA Cluster Products Provide Increased Application Availability

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - November 15, 2007) - Vision Solutions®, the leading provider of high availability and disaster recovery solutions in the IBM® System i and System p markets, today announced it fully supports IBM's latest announcement regarding its operating system AIX 6. The new version of AIX 6 recently completed a highly successful open beta program featuring rigorous testing with more than 14,000 downloads.

"Vision Solutions delivers a unique set of offerings for the System p AIX space -- EchoStream and HA Cluster," says Henry Martinez, senior vice president of engineering, Vision Solutions. "EchoStream is a replication solution that captures a real-time copy of the database on a secondary disk assuring data is safe and up-to-date. EchoStream's advanced replication technology also features continuous data protection (CDP) which allows flexible, any-point-in-time recovery. HA Cluster is a switched-disk-based technology that exchanges a central disk between two CPUs to manage all of the logic required to 'role swap' the primary and secondary CPUs when a hardware failure occurs. We can also help customers migrate to the new version of AIX."

"Our technology allows businesses to place their database in a time machine and move back in time to recover data that may have become corrupted or erased," adds Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Alan Arnold. "EchoStream can be tightly integrated with HA Cluster to allow an automatic role swap to switch the direction of the data replication."

The new AIX release extends the virtualization capabilities by allowing customers to move data between partitions. This allows organizations to run more applications on a single server which eases management, improves the affordability of the system, reduces the footprint in the data center and improves the cost/benefit ratio for the customer. However, virtualized environments also consolidate more of a company's critical applications on a single server and this can make the data protection and availability concerns even more critical. AIX customers can address these concerns and ensure systems and data availability with Vision Solutions' EchoStream and HA Cluster.

"The AIX 6 UNIX operating system and high availability are two critical layers in the 6-layer IBM Power Systems software stack and Vision Solutions is a key high availability partner helping our customers effectively manage the availability of their computing environments," said Scott Handy, vice president of marketing and strategy, IBM Power Systems. "We are delighted that Vision is so timely in their support of AIX 6 which has just completed a successful open beta program and is now generally available to customers."

Vision Solutions technologies allow customers to effectively manage their computing environments, eliminate downtime and free up IT staffs on weekends and off-hours. Through ease-of-use and self-healing features, the Company's software solutions make it possible for companies of any size to protect and manage data with very little user intervention.

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