November 28, 2007 10:10 ET

visionGATEWAY's Global Sales Expansion Continues

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - November 28, 2007) - visionGATEWAY, Inc. (OTCBB: VGWA), an Internet Resource Management and Security software solutions company capitalizing on the explosive growth of Internet use worldwide, today announced a continuation of its global expansion as new installations of its INTERScepter™ solution are being scheduled.

Ken Edmonds, the Australasian General Manager, is now driving Global Sales from visionGATEWAY offices in Brisbane. Ken has held the positions of director and managing director of Cisco, Nortel Networks and ORA Electronics and has first-hand experience of large, blue-chip corporations in both North America and Europe, as well as knowledge of smaller, local companies. Ken's initial focus has been the launch of the new version of INTERScepter in Australia and establishing a revenue record for visionGATEWAY. Ken is also using his contacts in other countries to provide swift global expansion into the non-English speaking countries over the next 12 months.

visionGATEWAY's new INTERScepter version puts managers back in charge of their staff. The INTERScepter solution puts Internet monitoring directly into the hands of managers giving them staff usage details literally at their fingertips. It also feeds directly to each employee, encouraging them to manage their own use of the Internet. This breakthrough technology means that unlike previous systems -- traditionally operated by IT departments who issued reports days or even weeks later -- INTERScepter allows management immediate access to that information and the opportunity to take the necessary action straight away. The solution improves a company's bottom line by enabling management to better understand, manage and exploit all aspects of staff Internet usage. INTERScepter is a tool that also maximizes valuable resources such as bandwidth, systems and employee productivity.

Australia and New Zealand Sales Activity is well underway as visionGATEWAY expands its sales division there. This new expansion will make visionGATEWAY more visible in the marketplace as the rollout of the latest version of INTERScepter continues. The product launch coincides with press reports outlining how businesses are recognizing the enormous cost in lost productivity by personal use of the Internet at work -- particularly with new online video sites and existing chat sites, and the introduction of VoIP, IPTV and other IP-based technologies. Organizations within the Telco/ISP market recognize how INTERScepter can be packaged as an Internet usage management solution for their own clients.

INTERScepter received recent publicity as a Local Government Solution. Employees are costing public sector organizations thousands of dollars each month in lost productivity, business interruption, excessive broadband demands and other unnecessary expense through non-work related Internet usage according to an article published in the October 2007 edition of LG, a monthly New Zealand local government magazine which provides independent news and coverage of the local government sector.

The article by Bizibox chief executive Neil Sherratt indicates that the huge cost of time wasting is in addition to an increased risk of loss of proprietary data, and can in fact make severe in roads into their employer's legal liabilities. Little, if any, accounting and auditing capability is being provided to senior management in order for them to assign costs to relevant departments, projects or customers. Acceptable usage policies and staff training can help prevent these losses but are not always effective, and need "buy in" from the staff. Ongoing policing, and the monitoring of employee Internet activity, has not always been practical or achievable. The article champions INTERScepter as one solution. INTERScepter is the only solution that empowers managers to effectively control, schedule and use costly Internet resources, while at the same time placing responsibility on users to self-manage and modify their Internet usage behavior in real time.

In conclusion the article asks: "So what does all this mean for New Zealand's local government organizations?" Better use of ratepayers' funds through improved staff productivity and efficiency; optimization of bandwidth and network usage; measure and increase the effectiveness of the acceptable usage policy; and more accurately understand, allocate and budget for Internet usage.

The Company's South-East Asia expansion continues new channel partner networks in Malaysia and Singapore where these new partners have already begun negotiations for INTERScepter installations into major enterprises and government clients in conjunction with its new distribution partner -- Bispro Consulting of Indonesia and Singapore. visionGATEWAY's new South-East Asian partners expect to install 100,000 work stations in the next 12 months.

A key visionGATEWAY channel partner in the USA, CounterTrade Products of Colorado has identified many of its clients who they will be bringing the INTERScepter solution to. "In recent discussions with many clients," outlined Joe Boglino, vice president of Sales at CounterTrade, "I have been advised of the concerns that clients have with staff productivity, bandwidth abuse and security concerns. In all cases we recommend INTERScepter as the holistic solution that brings real business benefits." CounterTrade Products is a value-adding supplier of technology solutions and services to an extensive range of government and commercial clients with well over a million users and work stations supported.

With the Company's new funding nearing completion visionGATEWAY is able to focus on a period of strong growth in sales throughout Australia, South East Asia, U.S. and UK in conjunction with our partners.

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