December 18, 2006 09:00 ET

visionGATEWAY Announces Release of New INTERScepter Version 3 as Appliance

Sales Demand Already Underway in Australia, USA and UK

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 18, 2006 -- visionGATEWAY Inc. (OTCBB: VGWA) today announced the release of the new "Appliance" version of its core "INTERScepter™" product for Enterprise and Small Medium Business markets.

INTERScepter is a business solution that helps to improve company earnings by assisting organizations in understanding, managing and exploiting all aspects of Internet usage and valuable resources, including bandwidth, systems and employee productivity. INTERScepter puts the control of these business issues and costs in the hands of business managers not just the IT department. The INTERScepter™ solution empowers managers to effectively control, schedule and utilize costly Internet resources, while placing responsibility on users to self manage and modify their Internet usage behavior.

The company is launching a special sales drive with the latest "appliance" version 3 of INTERScepter, through our strategic partnerships in the USA, UK, Europe, South Africa, Asia and Australia/New Zealand. 50 appliances are under order to meet demand over the next few months. This latest INTERScepter "appliance" version has already been implemented at visionGATEWAY's long-term clients in Australia. One of these in the Higher Education sector has their IT systems managed by Unisys who have provided accreditation for the new version. Other installations are being arranged for new client sites in UK and USA. visionGATEWAY has made arrangements with hardware vendors and distributors for the immediate provision of "appliance" servers for the new INTERScepter version to meet the opportunities in our global sales regions that are starting in December.

INTERScepter Version 3.0 -- Key Elements

The third iteration of the INTERScepter product was designed to not only address specific improvements from the previous release, but the product also provides greater scalability over a wide range of usage scenarios -- from installations with less than 5 workstations up to large corporate or educational institutions with tens of thousands of workstations.

The key design achievements for INTERScepter 3.0 are:

--  INTERScepter and all related products are to be distributed as
    'appliance' solutions;
--  INTERScepter 3.0 has a scaled down variation that can run on devices
    such as small wireless routers for the @Home product;
--  All applications run as an 'all in one' solution with no dependencies
    on third party software products. This reduces the overall cost of the
    application to clients. INTERScepter provides a built in database server
    and the web based management interface is provided by the HTTP server built
    in to the application framework. Support for external databases can be
    provided as additional modules supporting the most common enterprise level
    database servers (such as DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle). The built
    in database is capable of providing historical storage of a period of years
    even for sites with thousands of workstations;
--  The networking model has been completely redesigned so that there are
    no longer any external network configuration changes required to operate
    the device -- installation is as simple as assigning an IP address to the
    management port and plugging the cables in. The device is simply plugged in
    on the internal network side of the firewall. The device which runs Version
    3.0 includes a redundant network connection that can be immediately
    switched to a 'pass through' mode to disable the operation of INTERScepter.
    This operation happens automatically in the case of software or hardware
--  Updates to the system are automatic.
In addition to the changes in the platform that INTERScepter runs on there are a number of improvements made to the application itself. These are:
--  The management interface provides finer grained security and a more
    intuitive interface. This allows delegation of authority from section
    managers down to line managers ensuring that each person can only access
    the data they need to access without endangering privacy.
--  INTERScepter 3.0 provides a protocol analyser framework that allows
    additional information in the contents of the protocol (for example VoIP
    SIP) to be extracted and used as a basis of filtering or in the contents of
    reports. The most obvious use for this is providing caller ID functionality
    for VOIP traffic. In addition to seeing how much data was transferred
    during a call the VOIP protocol, analyser also shows both the called and
    calling party, the duration of the call and the VOIP provider used to
    facilitate the call. The INTERScepter VoIP Module is also available
    separately and can be integrated with VoIP Application servers.
--  The INTERScepter application exports functionality through a secure
    remote procedure call interface that can be invoked from any commonly used
    programming language. As well as allowing the development of in house
    integration modules this also simplifies the process of building adaptors
    to allow INTERScepter to work with existing complementary applications
    already in the marketplace (such as financial applications and content
About visionGATEWAY Inc.

visionGATEWAY Inc. (OTCBB: VGWA) is a software development & distribution company with R&D groups in Europe and Australia, distribution in USA, Europe, Australia/New Zealand and existing customers across four continents. The company provides an extensible platform of software components to power the 'Next Generation Network' (NGN). These components currently include:

--  Internet Resource Management & Control
--  Secure Mail & Secure Data Sharing
--  Integrated encryption and digital rights management system
--  Advanced Application Feature Server
--  Voice over IP
--  iPBX
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