May 10, 2006 09:10 ET

visionGATEWAY Director Alan Boyd to Be Interviewed Live on Profitable Investing With Host Jordan Kimmel on Voice America Business Radio May 11 at 11:00 am EST

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 10, 2006 -- Michael Emerson, CEO of visionGATEWAY Inc. (OTC BB: VGWA), an Enterprise Solutions Development and Global Distribution company with a focus on Internet Management, Security and VoIP, announced that company Director Alan Boyd will be interviewed to discuss the strategic growth opportunities that visionGATEWAY now has in place, including the VoIP market and in China.

Host Jordan Kimmel will interview Mr. Boyd live on Voice America Business Radio which can be heard live via the internet at

Alan Boyd, a Director of visionGATEWAY, who has facilitated the Company's recently announced acquisition transaction for eBanx UK and its stake in the Chinese VoIP market, said that the opportunity to work with Beijing Huyang will enable visionGATEWAY to expand the distribution of its solutions to the Chinese market, particularly the new secure VoIP solution bundle that visionGATEWAY has in conjunction with Centile's VoIP IntraSwitch solution. Mr. Boyd has been involved in the Chinese Technology market for over 20 years. He co-founded St Banks International Group, a wholly owned intellectual property management company in Shanghai and Tian Na TV and Media Company, the first Western-owned television company to be licensed in China.

A pioneer of the US personal computer industry in the 1970s, Boyd became the first Product Development Manager at Microsoft in the 1980s where he reported directly to Bill Gates. At Microsoft he was responsible for the development of many software products that have since become household names and sold hundreds of millions of copies. He was subsequently responsible for the formulation and implementation of Microsoft's successful acquisitions strategy.

About visionGATEWAY, Inc.

visionGATEWAY, Inc ("VGWA") visionGATEWAY is an Enterprise Solutions Development and Distribution company with a focus on Internet Resource Management, Security and VoIP. It is accelerating its growth in key markets -- USA, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

visionGATEWAY is continuing the building of a Global Distribution Network using its proprietary business model to grow sales through strategic partnerships -- these include the Avnet Partner Solutions distributorships for United Kingdom, North America, and Australia/New Zealand, as well as joint solution distribution partnerships with iProof and NetIntelligence in the UK, Patriot Techcorp in the USA, and Centile in UK/France. The arrangements visionGATEWAY has established with Centile, iProof and NetIntelligence are the first of a series of worldwide distribution agreements being facilitated by Alan Boyd, former head of acquisitions at Microsoft and now a Director of the Company.

The Company's first product ("INTERScepter™") is an Internet Resource Management & Security solution. The initial INTERScepter versions have focused on an enterprise business solution that helps to improve Company earnings by assisting organizations in understanding, managing and exploiting Internet usage and valuable resources, including bandwidth, systems and employee productivity. The INTERScepter™ solution empowers managers to effectively control, schedule and utilize costly Internet resources, while placing responsibility on users to self manage and modify their Internet usage behavior.

visionGATEWAY's product innovation for its INTERScepter solution continued with the release of the Linux platform version in late 2004, and in December 2005 reached a significant milestone with the release of a version for the Home/SOHO markets, as well as providing many other technical and functional innovations that enhance saleability.

Designed so it can be embedded onto ADSL/Cable Modems and Wired/Wireless routers, INTERScepter@Home is specifically targeted to the home, home office and small business market segments. INTERScepter@Home is engineered using the NG platform that has been developed by the R&D team as the foundation for all future INTERScepter product variations. It is further facilitated by not only providing a single system solution, but also providing a "solution on a chip" to be OEM'd with communications systems manufacturers and communications bandwidth suppliers, particularly the ISP market.

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