SOURCE: Sirius Software Solutions

December 13, 2007 08:00 ET

VisionPAK™ CRM for Health Care Provides Outcomes Analysis, Improved Patient Contact, and Marketing Support

LINCOLN, NE--(Marketwire - December 13, 2007) - Kenneth Doty, President of Sirius Software Solutions, has announced the availability of VisionPAK for Windows and Intel-based Macs running Parallels or Fusion. VisionPAK is Patient Relationship Management (PRM) software, which tracks every patient touch by a practice, effectively managing those interactions, and providing analysis of outcomes, marketing and campaign management. VisionPAK is based on the award-winning SageCRM platform from Sage Software.

VisionPAK is one of the first vertical applications of CRM software (Customer Relationship Management), dedicated to health care. The first version, VisionPAK LS, for LASIK Surgery and Eye Surgical Centers, tracks laser and cataract surgeries, and inner ocular replacements. Additional specialized versions of VisionPAK for other medial specialties will be announced in the near future.

According to Doty, one of America's foremost experts on CRM software, "VisionPAK enables a practice to accomplish two very important things at the same time: first, it increases the number of patient surgeries, thus strengthening the bottom line, and second, it provides better patient care, based on tracking and analysis of outcomes."

VisionPAK LS allows a LASIK practice or Eye Surgical Center to track contacts with a patient, from lead to evaluation to scheduled surgery to outcomes and post-op care. Because VisionPAK LS automates and tracks every interaction with a patient, users will experience increased leads, increased evaluations, increased conversion of undecideds to scheduled surgeries, and increased surgeries overall. VisionPAK has a very short period for ROI.

Additionally, a practice can use VisionPAK LS to do ad hoc reporting on surgical outcomes to determine, for example, the percentage of patients who are female, between the ages of 30 and 40, and who have visual acuity of 20/20 after surgery. Better outcomes equal more surgeries and better patient care. With VisionPAK, nothing falls between the cracks.

Robb Linafelter, President of Lincoln Eye Surgical and a member of the Board of Directors, American Society of Ophthalmology Administrators, stated, "The VisionPAK solution has made a significant impact on our practice, from the first contact with our patient through the follow-up outcome tracking, helping us become more efficient and stay focused on our key business performance areas."

About Sirius Software Solutions. Sirius is a client-centric enterprise consulting and software development firm, dedicated to providing America's leading health care practices with state-of-the-art systems to manage patient relationships and the practice's bottom line. VisionPAK was designed to complement the leading practice management and electronic medical record systems.

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