October 10, 2017 10:00 ET

Visor launches to the public with $6.5 million in funding, aims to democratize tax advice

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - October 10, 2017) - Visor, an online tax filing and advisory service that removes the hassle and complexity of doing your taxes, launches its new solution today with a mission to transform the tax industry. In addition, Visor announces that it has closed $6.5 million in seed funding, led by early-stage venture firm Obvious Ventures with participation from Social Capital, Maveron, Lux Capital, Fika Ventures, Box Group, Niklas Zennström (co-founder, Skype, angel investing personally), Keith Coleman (VP product, Twitter), and other angel investors. The capital will be used to grow the team to 80 people by the end of 2017 and expand the impact of its technology.

"People feel conflicted about how to manage their taxes. They either use do-it-yourself software and miss out on savings or stumble through the hassle of finding a local CPA," said Gernot Zacke, CEO and co-founder of Visor. "We're combining the best of both, so people can benefit from our expert team of tax advisors with the simplicity of an online application."

The company's hybrid approach integrates smart technology and human advising to maximize deductions. Clients share their financial information through a user-friendly application, and Visor pairs each client with an in-house advisor and their team. Each tax expert oversees the filing process from start to finish and offers year-round guidance.

For young professionals navigating important life milestones - graduate school, marriage, home ownership, and parenthood - comprehensive advising from Visor's experts can have a radical effect on deductions. So far, Visor has saved its clients a total of more than $10 million.

Visor increases savings with algorithms and leverages automation to lower costs to an affordable, flat fee. Its year-round advising transforms tax planning from a dreaded necessity to a proactive strategy that supports financial goals.

"Visor is leveraging the latest developments in AI and data science to radically streamline tax and financial advisory," said Nan Li of Obvious Ventures. "We are excited to see the team transform the legacy CPA industry and make these services accessible to all."

With Visor, professionals can leave their taxes in expert hands. The company's intuitive solution democratizes the benefits of tax advising so everyone can enjoy the ease and savings of a better tax experience.


Visor is a first-of-its-kind online tax filing and advisory service that removes the hassle and complexity of doing your taxes. In addition to preparing your annual return, Visor optimizes your finances by providing year-round tax advice at a flat fee. Visor's mission is to democratize access to premium tax expertise, helping the next generation reach its financial goals. Founded by Avinash Anand, Gene Conley, and Gernot Zacke, Visor is based out of San Francisco and Atlanta and has raised $6.5 million to date from prominent investors including Obvious Ventures, Social Capital, Maveron, Lux Capital, Fika Ventures, Box Group and others.

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