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December 27, 2012 09:00 ET

VISS Beauty Releases Improved, Advanced IPL Hair Removal Device

Dedicated to improving the appearance of men and women all over the world, VISS Beauty has just released an improved IPL hair removal device. The VISS IPL (intense pulse light) Advanced and Mirror Lamp lets men and women remove unwanted hair in the privacy of their home in an efficient and safe manner.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Dec. 27, 2012) - VISS Beauty has recently launched their new and improved hair removal device, the VISS IPL Advanced and Mirror Lamp. Unlike the previous model, the VISS IPL White, the new VISS IPL (intense pulse light) Advanced hair removal device is far more powerful. With 25 joules as opposed to 22 joules, the new VISS IPL model is more powerful than any other personal IPL machine currently on the market.

In addition to having more joules, the new VISS IPL Advanced has upgraded electronic components and a mirrored lamp surface. This mirrored lamp surface is really what makes the hair removal device stand above competing devices. With a mirrored lamp surface, hair can be removed at an increased efficiency but without increasing the temperature of the skin. This makes hair removal far more comfortable on the user's skin, and never painful.

The VISS Beauty team scientifically tests all the new products in order to ensure that each device works as efficiently and comfortably as possible. VISS Beauty is dedicated to delivering results. Scientific testing ensured that the new VISS IPL Advanced lamp lasts over 8,000 flashes. VISS Beauty's spokesperson, Lauren, states that, "We have been thrilled with the results from our months of product testing, and are excited to finally make the VISS Advanced IPL Hair Removal system available to our customers."

Scientific testing has proved that the VISS IPL Advanced and Mirror Lamp permanently reduces hair growth. Permanent hair removal works as each hair follicle absorbs the IPL, which then disables follicle activity. When follicle activity is disabled, hair will no longer grow.

Customers interested in permanent hair removal can save thousands of dollars by purchasing the latest in advanced IPL technology at While hair removal done by professionals can cost more than one thousand dollars, buying the VISS IPL Advanced and Mirror Lamp costs less than $600. Only with VISS Beauty is it possible to remove unwanted hair in the privacy of one's home, risk-free.

While this new, advanced hair removal product is the strongest on the market, it is recommended that lower power settings are used for optimal results. VISS Beauty promises results in just 90 days. Because VISS Beauty prides itself on excellent customer service, the new product also comes with a one-year warranty.


Based in Vancouver, Canada, VISS Beauty designs, produces and sells world-class, professional beauty products. Specializing in ultrasonic and light-based cosmetic technology, VISS Beauty designs devices for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and acne care. VISS Beauty understands that results matter, but comfort and safety are equally important for customer satisfaction. The team continues to make cutting-edge advancements in cosmetic technology to help men and women worldwide achieve the appearance they want. For more information, follow "vissbeauty" on Facebook or Twitter, or visit

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