September 21, 2009 12:05 ET

Visual IQ Introduces Unprecedented Ability to Connect Marketing Investments to the Bottom Line With Audience IQ

Enables Marketers to Move Beyond Media Efficiency and Invest for Optimal Business Results by Linking Customer Behavior With Marketing and Response Information

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - September 21, 2009) - Marketing intelligence leader Visual IQ today announced the availability of Audience IQ which enables dramatically improved targeting by providing marketers with information about the customer behavior generated by marketing programs. With insights about the impact that marketing programs have on key business metrics -- including revenue by product or location, purchase frequency and customer loyalty -- marketers can now reallocate resources to drive real business results.

As part of a significant upgrade to the company's breakthrough IQ Intelligence Platform, the new Audience IQ module integrates post-conversion customer information from CRM or production systems with advertising and response data. As a result, marketers can now accurately and objectively track the real return from all marketing investments across online and traditional channels. The IQ Intelligence Platform features easy-to-use applications that also help marketers quickly and easily understand inter-channel attribution as well as the reach, cost and impact of each tactic. With this up-to-date information, marketers can quickly adjust programs for maximum effectiveness.

"Marketers are relentless in pursuit of customer insight to boost campaign effectiveness," said Susan Aldrich, Senior Consultant with the Patricia Seybold Group. "Visual IQ has created a solution that addresses the current concern that marketers have: so many disparate campaigns running simultaneously and no way to effectively optimize them across channels. Audience IQ is a significant step toward giving marketers the tools they need for customer insight and campaign optimization."

With Audience IQ, marketers are able to determine the true value of their return on investment with a never-before possible view into holistic, cross-channel campaign attribution -- the understanding of the synergies and concurrent impacts of various disparate programs including paid search, SEO, display, rich media, SMS, email, direct mail and traditional advertising. The deep scope of this marketing intelligence ultimately enables marketers to move beyond basic media efficiency and focus on campaign optimization.

"Audience IQ is the answer to many marketers' woes. It removes the burden of having to manage large amounts of disparate data. Marketers can finally understand exactly which programs are yielding results, how to optimize those programs accordingly, and where to deploy always-limited resources," said Manu Mathew, Visual IQ CEO. "Our clients have also gained immense value by linking media efforts exactly to a particular type and value of customer. This helps marketers and advertisers drive communication planning, messaging and product offers tailored to customers' specific actions."

Smart marketers and agencies continually try to hone the relationship between program effectiveness and revenue generation to gain a deeper understanding of ROI. "It's very important for us to have a holistic view of how our digital programs are working together to drive positive outcomes for our clients," said Baba Shetty, Chief Media Officer at Hill Holliday. "Visual IQ has helped us achieve this deeper level of insight."

Pricing and Availability

The upgraded Visual IQ Intelligence Platform, including the Audience IQ module, is available immediately. The Visual IQ pricing structure consists of client-specific IQ Intelligence Platform configuration, monthly subscription fees, and data refresh production and frequency. Pricing varies by module.

About Visual IQ

Visual IQ is a leading provider of enterprise software for next-generation marketing intelligence. The company's software-as-a-service analytics solutions help companies improve return on marketing investments with performance insights across the complex and an ever-expanding media mix. Visual IQ quickly integrates high volumes of data from disparate sources to provide user-friendly, actionable insights for today's metrics-driven marketers and their agency partners. Customers include industry leaders among the Fortune 500 that have deployed Visual IQ's analytics to gain marketing efficiencies and an information advantage over their competitors. For more information visit

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