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February 13, 2007 08:00 ET

Visual Numerics'® Newest IMSL® Fortran Numerical Library Offers World-Class Linear Programming Optimization and Advanced Parallel Processing for Numerical Analysis Application Developers

HOUSTON, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 13, 2007 -- Visual Numerics, Inc., celebrating 36 years of producing advanced numerical analysis and visualization software, today helped parallel computing become more ubiquitous with a new version of its flagship IMSL Fortran Numerical Library. In fields where computation speed is critical, IMSL Fortran Numerical Library 6.0 offers developers breakthrough optimization technology and high performance computing features such as ScaLAPACK integration while making it even easier to build numerical analysis applications for time-sensitive computational projects.

In November 2006 at the SC06 Conference, analyst firm IDC unveiled a five-year revenue forecast for the HPC industry, projecting compounded annual growth of about 9 percent to $14.3 billion in 2010, from the 2005 total of $9.2 billion. The firm also cited software as a critical part of the cost equation. Similarly, Visual Numerics' software developer customers are waiting anxiously for the new features in this release. Professor Thomas Kepler, Division Chief of the Computational Biology Department at Duke University and a long-term IMSL Fortran Library customer, is looking forward to employing the new IMSL Fortran Library features in his research on computational immunology and vaccine design.

"IMSL Fortran has always been a key component of my scientific software development, and allows me to focus on my own research rather than spending hours hunting down the right subroutines, writing interfaces, and debugging," said Kepler. "I'm particularly pleased to see the Mersenne Twister algorithm implemented among the pseudorandom number routines and the inclusion of ScaLAPACK-enabled linear algebra -- they will make software development even more efficient for me."

Historically, Fortran has been the language of choice for developers building numeric computational applications where speed is critical. Until now, very few Fortran-based mathematical libraries on the market have included key parallel processing functions for numerical analysis. In response, Visual Numerics has included the following new features to its IMSL Fortran Numerical Library 6.0:

--  Dense Linear Programming Optimizer -- for state-of-the-art constrained
    dense linear programming optimization. This version of the IMSL Fortran
    Numerical Library offers the world's fastest optimizer of its kind in a
    general-purpose mathematical library, and data format readers to facilitate
    usage with existing users of Linear Programming. In recent benchmarks, the
    IMSL Fortran Library averaged 10 times faster than a leading Linear
    Programming Optimizer product on Netlib tests, and is the only broad-based
    numerical library containing a dense solver with performance of this
--  ScaLAPACK (Linear Algebra PACKage) Integration -- gives users easy
    access to MPI-enabled algorithms, and allows them to write parallel code
    without needing to know parallel programming. In addition, a new
    "SCALAPACK_SETUP" function automatically configures MPI and ScaLAPACK and
    combines with other convenience routines to allow non-expert users to solve
    large problems on distributed systems while avoiding many of the messy
--  LAPACK Integration -- provides easy access to SMP-enabled algorithms
    and allows users to write parallel code without needing to know parallel
--  Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel MKL) Integration -- provides a
    substantial performance increase for IMSL Fortran Library users developing
    high performance computing applications, and improves installation and
    support for IMSL library customers running on Intel processor-based
--  Mersenne Twister random number generator technique -- algorithm
    featuring fast generation of very high quality pseudorandom numbers,
    predominantly used within financial applications.
--  SuperLU for Sparse Linear Algebra -- a direct solver for large sparse
    systems of linear equations.
"As parallel processing becomes more affordable commercially, we've seen an increased demand from customers for high performance computing features they can use for developing time and quality-sensitive analytical applications," said Phil Fraher, president and CEO of Visual Numerics. "Our latest IMSL Fortran Numerical Library is designed to give Fortran developers the very best high performance computing functionality in an intuitive development package at an affordable price point."

About The IMSL™ Fortran Numerical Library

The IMSL Fortran Numerical Library is a comprehensive library of mathematical and statistical algorithms that combines the powerful and flexible interface features of the Fortran language with the performance benefits of both distributed memory and shared memory multiprocessing architectures. The IMSL Fortran Numerical Library is also available in a 100% thread safe edition and is the only library of its kind with highly comprehensive algorithm coverage, full backward compatibility and complete thread safety.

Pricing and Availability

The IMSL Fortran Numerical Library 6.0 is available immediately. Development seat costs start at $1,495.

About Visual Numerics, Inc.

Visual Numerics has provided technical software solutions for numerical analysis and visualization for more than three decades. The company's software products help users understand complex data from a variety of sources and build business-critical applications. Visual Numerics offers two product lines: the IMSL Numerical Libraries for powerful mathematical and statistical analysis and the PV-WAVE® visual data analysis development environment. Visual Numerics also offers customized professional services for applications that involve mathematical, statistical, or visual data analysis to meet today's business analytical needs.

Major corporations, academic institutions, and research laboratories worldwide use Visual Numerics' software tools, including such high profile companies as: Bear, Stearns & Company; Barclays Global Investors;; Humana, Sandia National Laboratories; and Boeing Company. This large and diverse customer base is supported through a direct sales force, wholly owned international subsidiaries, and international distributors. For more information about Visual Numerics, please visit

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