March 20, 2007 08:17 ET

Visual Product Reviews Create More Business for Online Companies

WICHITA, KS -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 20, 2007 -- Customer reviews with posted images of purchased items in real-world settings are becoming an important way for some companies to perpetuate business from prospective clients.

The new product review platform offered by PowerReviews allows buyers to post images and videos of the paintings in their home.

For many companies like who sells reproduction oil paintings -- a product rife with visual importance outside of cyberspace -- the PowerReviews service is an outstanding way for customers to gauge how the oil painting will look in a real home.

" is a perfect use of customer reviews, because it's so hard for dealers to articulate customers' authentic views about specific art pieces," said Andy Chen, CEO of PowerReviews. "In effect, it is a form of 'social merchandising' that could revolutionize how art is sold."

"There is no better way to exhibit our handmade oil paintings then to see it on an actual wall," said David Sasson, CEO of "Hopefully the pictures and videos that people will submit will encourage our other clients and help them visualize the painting in their own homes."

In this case, seeing really is believing, according to Sasson.

"Images and Videos can really make the buying process an enjoyable and unique experience," Sasson said. "It exhibits the quality and aesthetic value of OverstockArt's real oil paintings in a real-world setting."

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