SOURCE: Bruce Boyers Marketing Services

December 23, 2010 13:15 ET

Vital Elements for a Computer System

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - December 23, 2010) - When installing and maintaining a computer system, any experienced IT staffer is going to have a list of vital elements. These are items that are "must have" -- in other words, the computer system won't be complete without them.

Such a list would of course include all the necessary hardware: servers, desktops, cabling, routers, printers, and so on. It would include the latest version of the OS, with easy upgrade and update methodology.

Vital software would include a robust anti-virus program, with a subscription for obtaining the latest virus signatures. If not included with the anti-virus, you would also need applications that would address spyware and adware. An efficient and flexible email program would be needed, that would address the requirements of all users in that particular line of business. A company requires a robust database application that interfaces with all aspects of its operations: CRM, accounting, manufacturing and the rest. Such a database also needs to be easily optimized and adjusted as needed. Additionally, a backup solution is required.

Along with all of the above -- and in fact undercutting every one of these items -- is a robust and efficient solution to fragmentation. Fragmentation impacts each and every one of these elements uniquely. On a heavily fragmented system, virus scans take far longer -- and impact resources far more heavily -- than need be. Email, because files are constantly created and deleted, can be brought to its knees by fragmentation. Fragmentation slows a database -- core to any business operation -- down horribly. Backups take far longer and can even fail.

Fragmentation also takes a serious toll on hardware and can decrease its expected life by 50 percent.

Just like any other items in the "must have" list, a fragmentation solution must be chosen with serious consideration. Will it keep up with the high rates of fragmentation found in today's enterprises? How much will it impact system resources when running? How many valuable IT hours will be taken in administrating and running the solution?

To fully address these issues, a fragmentation solution must be fully automatic, requiring no scheduling and having no impact on system resources. It must be advanced enough to deal with high amounts of fragmentation created. In short, it must be doing its job quietly in the background, providing only maximum performance and reliability to systems, processes and users. Technology even exists today to prevent a majority of fragmentation from ever occurring at all.

On any list of vital elements needed for a system, make sure a proper fragmentation solution is included.

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