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May 16, 2016 21:00 ET

Vital Force Technology's New Research on Subtle Energy Patterns Shows Increases in Cell Growth and Viability

WHITE CITY, OR--(Marketwired - May 16, 2016) - Groundbreaking new results show targeted subtle energy patterns, sometimes referred to as bioenergetic patterns, have a significant positive impact on human cell growth and mitochondrial membrane potential. Three notable findings include an 83% increase in cell viability under food deprivation conditions, a 50% increase in mitochondrial longevity in the presence of toxins and third of all, that mitochondria exposed to subtle energy and under starved and poisoned conditions showed increased viability over even the non-poisoned control. These recent findings show potential long term improvement to human cell viability which can slow and reverse the breakdown of human cells.

Cell growth experiments at Beech Tree Labs tested human dermal fibroblasts (HDF) infused with one of four unique, proprietary subtle energy patterns from Vital Force Technology; "Cell Longevity", "Peak Performance", "Stress Relief", and "Anti-Cancer". The experiment compared the influence of different subtle energy patterns on cell viability and longevity. It was found that cells growing with subtle energy pattern "Stress Relief" had 83% more live cells remaining on the 9th day than the control group. Additionally, those groups infused with "Cell Longevity" and "Peak Performance" yielded 50% more live cells on the 9th day than found in the control.

At Riga's University in Latvia researchers looking into mitochondrial viability and longevity tested "Cell Longevity", and "Peak Performance" energy patterns on human embryonic kidney cells. After three days, stressed cells exposed to the subtle energy patterns showed increased viability over the control groups. Meaning, the stressed cells exposed to subtle energy showed more mitochondrial longevity than the cells that were never stressed to begin with.

Ultimately both Beech Tree Labs and Riga's findings hint at new possibilities that could have major implications for human health and may be the first step towards a completely non-toxic, natural, and no side effect alternative to traditional health treatments.

Vital Force Technology continues to create and explore new subtle energy patterns targeted to achieve specific wellness outcomes, such as the cell longevity and performance enhancement formulas they've already established. For more information on Vital Force Technology and the research, visit or call 800-341-7458.

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Founded in 2000 by Russian Radio-Physicist and Inventor Dr. Yury Kronn, and President and CEO Constance Kronn., Vital Force ™ Technology (VFT) offers a range of innovative energetic signature formulas for wellness, personal care, animal care and agriculture markets. Headquartered in White City, Oregon, the firm is a global market leader in bio-energetic ingredients. VFT also markets numerous health and wellness energetic formulas under the same name. The company serves thousands of clinicians and practitioners in over 40 countries, as well as a growing number of leading-edge manufacturers. For more information about Vital Force™ Technology and its energetic formulas, visit

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Dr. Yury Kronn is a world renowned authority, scientist, inventor, author, and lead scientist for Vital Force Technology, a division of Energy Tools International LLC. Educated in Russia's prestigious Gorky University, Dr. Kronn earned his PhD. He was one of the leading theoreticians in high frequency electromagnetic vibrations, laser physics and nonlinear optics. He was awarded a "Doctor of Sciences" degree by the scientific committee of Lebedev's Institute of Physics, in Moscow, chaired at the time by N. G. Basov, Nobel Prize winner.

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